Aspirin in the washing machine, throw it in and see what happens: perfect clothes

Aspirin in the washing machine

Do you know how to use aspirin in the washing machine to whiten your clothes? You’ve never seen clothes so white! Here’s how to do it.

Aspirin can be used to remove stains from clothes, in just a few minutes, instead of chemicals that are bad for your health and destroy clothes over time.

Aspirin in the washing machine, the laundry miracle

Any woman is constantly looking for the perfect product to remove stains from her clothes after the first wash . Anyone has found themselves, at least once in their life, washing the same clothes or the same towels, two, three times, to whiten them or at least remove the stains . The result is usually always the same.

The solution that everyone adopts is pre-treat the clothes before putting them in the washing machine and then add bleach during washing. However, once finished, the result does not change. There are those who use vinegar, a natural product that in the vast majority of cases gives excellent results and those who cannot settle for even that.

aspirin in the washing machine

The solution is in the medicine drawer. Anyone has a pack of aspirin at home , but would never think of using them to wash the washing machine. In fact, aspirin is perfect for fighting colds or headaches, but apparently it is also useful in housework – can remove any stains.

Here are the stains that aspirin can dissolve

Aspirin in the washing machine removes yellow and gray from clothes and bedding. The white shines again like when you bought the clothes, because the aspirin penetrates deeply and removes stains and dirt .

It is especially indicated for sweat marks that form in the armpit area of ​​t-shirts. Then, it is effective on grease or grease stains, since the effervescence induces a chemical reaction  when coming into contact with water. In this way, degreases and scales without any effort .

Aspirin in the washing machine works because it comes from the willow tree and therefore contains  salicylic acid . It does not damage the fibers when it comes into contact with clothing, which usually happens when stain removers, chemicals and bleaches are used, which also cost a lot.

However, one of the causes of clothes turning yellow is bleach. Many times it is used incorrectly, it is spilled on delicate clothes which absorb it and change color. Other times the quantities added in the washing machine are excessive and therefore turn everything yellow.

How to use aspirin to remove stains and degrease clothes

In this case, 5 325 mg tablets are enough to make the clothes shine again. To use them correctly, dissolve the aspirin in 7 liters of hot water, they can be added to the water whole, or divided to dissolve faster. a>

aspirin in the washing machine

Once dissolved, the clothing to be treated is immersed in the basin and left to soak for at least 8 hours. The ideal would be to soak them overnight and leave them there overnight. This applies to those who are used to washing clothes by hand. Alternatively, throw the aspirin into the washing machine , allowing it to dissolve before starting the wash. Then give him the boot.

When the use of aspirin is not recommended

The use of aspirin is recommended on white clothing, while it is not recommended at all on black or brightly colored clothing: the reaction chemistry could fade them.

It is also not recommended to use it on blood-stained clothing, especially with hot water, because you run the risk of setting the stains even more. Whoever wants to try it can try dissolving the medicine in very cold water and then soaking the clothes.

Wash the clothes by hand

If the stain is already dry, it is necessary to rub the aspirin and let it sit for a couple of hours. Secondly, proceed with washing. The result could be surprising.