Bad smell in the closet: Throw some in the drawers

Bad smell in the closet: Throw some in the drawers  . In fact, just a handful of this ingredient is enough to create a pleasant scent in your cupboards.

How do I clean the cabinet and drawers?

It is very important to dust the closet and drawers  well at the beginning of autumn. In fact, this task is important to avoid having to wear musty smelling clothes. Check out these tips for properly cleaning the closet:

  • In a pot with two liters of water, add ten tablespoons of baking soda  . Then dip a toothbrush into the mixture and  scrub the inside  . Without waiting long,  wipe with a cloth and dry  , because the wood is afraid of water.
  • You can  also clean with white vinegar or lemon juice  . This solution not only cleans, but is also  very effective against mold  . As with the first tip, it is always very important to dry clothes well before storing them.

Bad smell in the closet: Throw some in the drawers

Mold  and  the excessive use of detergent and soap in the washing machine are cited as the causes of bad smells   .  Note that  if you throw wet towels or clothes that are not dry into the drum, this moisture will leave a bad smell in the device. In addition, all clothes smell bad.

To avoid the release of bad smells,  it is also recommended to remove the laundry in the basket immediately after the end of a washing program  . In fact, the moisture from the clothes is transferred into the closets.

To solve this problem,  the use of activated carbon is recommended  . The latter is  deposited in a container lined with transparent film  . Then all you have to do is put this container in the drawer for a whole day.

 Chalk and baking soda are the most effective natural products for absorbing moisture  . Simply place them  in the corners of the drawer or cupboard and replace them every week.