Bathroom without window always fragrant thanks to these strategies

bathroom without window

How to make a bathroom without a window fragrant?

These are some of the tricks that work best to keep a bathroom without a window smelling fresh:

  • install the appropriate odor extractor fans . They are usually activated by turning on the light in the room. They don’t work miracles, but they help
  • if there are two bathrooms in the house, one of which is blind, create a communicating window between the two
  • use baking soda and essential oils to taste: mix some baking soda and essential oils to taste in a small bowl and place it in a corner of the room. In addition to scenting the air, it will also absorb odors
  • essential oil spray : mix water with essential oil and pour everything into a spray bottle. Spray in the bathroom even several times a day
  • potpourri : you can make scented potpourri to leave in the bathroom by mixing rose petals, citrus fruits, cloves or even cinnamon
  • coarse salt : you can use it in various ways. You can pour it into a bowl and add some essential oils, it perfumes the room and absorbs humidity. But you can also pour some coarse salt and boiling water down the toilet and sink drain, in order to eliminate blockages and bad odors.
  • odor eater : place the appropriate odor-eating devices in the bathroom. They cyclically release perfume which neutralizes bad odors
natural products

If you have done all this, but your bathroom still gives off a terrible sewer smell , you could try putting this natural remedy into practice : the result is guaranteed.