Bay leaves under the pillow, that’s why you should always do it before sleeping

If you can’t sleep, bay leaves could be a good ally. Here’s what you don’t know about their properties .

One of the most natural tips for getting a good night’s sleep is using bay leaves. Here’s how to use a natural trick to your advantage to sleep well at night. 

Bay leaves under the pillow and tradition

This is certainly not a new age gadget, far from it. The use of bay leaves is an ancient practice , which even our grandmothers used. And maybe it’s not so strange after all. The benefits provided by bay leaves are truly numerous and among these is the possibility of sleeping better without resorting to medication. 

Yes, in addition to all its well-known properties, bay leaf is also a powerful, completely natural sedative . This means that it promotes sleep in a natural way, thanks to the smell it gives off. It is therefore the perfect plant to use if you have insomnia problems or simply when you have difficulty falling asleep. In addition, it helps lower blood pressure and heart pressure , which is why it particularly helps with falling asleep. It is therefore an excellent calming agent and a valid stress reliever.

Starting to use bay leaves can avoid the use of expensive medications, in addition to the fact that different types are often purchased to find the most suitable one. In addition, bay leaf is completely free of side effects that medications could cause.

How to use bay leaves to sleep better

To use bay leaf as our ally for good, restful sleep, the advice is to use dried leaves rather than fresh . Dried bay leaves can be purchased at any supermarket, usually in the fruit and vegetable section. Alternatively, you can take the leaves directly from the plant and let them dry.

Bay leaves under the pillow

All you need to do is wash them well and hang them in a ventilated place. They should be dry in about a week . Once the leaves are dry, take a few and place them directly under your pillow.

These simple steps will help you sleep better and get a good night’s rest. In addition, to improve the effectiveness of the method, it is also possible to use the leaves to prepare an infusion to drink before going to sleep.

Watch out for bay leaves: how to recognize the “real” ones

It is necessary to be very careful if you intend to independently obtain leaves directly from the plant . In fact, there is an oleander in nature that is aesthetically very similar to laurel but with decidedly different properties.

Bay leaves

Oleander is an ornamental plant that produces beautiful pink or white flowers in summer. These shrubs have long, narrow leaves. On the other hand, it is very important not to eat it at all, because this plant is toxic to humans .

The laurel is a shrub with large dark green leaves. The bush often bears small black berries. Its dried leaves can be found on sale in supermarkets in bundles. It is an aromatic plant regularly used in cooking because of its pronounced flavor. It is used in soups, stews, roasts and stuffings. It is also an excellent natural food against worms . And it is precisely this plant that will help to quickly improve sleep.