Because putting a glass of water near the radiator can save you money

Because putting a glass of water near the radiator can save you money  .   It’s also a healthy thing to do at home . But how does this trick work and why is it effective? Discover the answers to these questions in these few lines.

To humidify the air in the house

Indoor air quality   plays a very important role in our health.   Ideally it must   be pure, but above all not too dry or too wet  . In fact, air that is too dry can cause breathing problems, while air that is too humid is a sine qua non for the proliferation of bacteria and the development of mold.

Therefore, using a humidifier is  the most popular solution for humidifying the air. This device works using electricity by converting water into   steam  to humidify the environment. However, the humidifier raises concerns regarding power consumption. Currently, it is important to save on electricity consumption in order   not to increase the electricity bill.

Since   the goal is to maintain an ambient temperature of a maximum of 22°C  , it is entirely possible     to use the heating solution to humidify the air in the room. In addition, winter is approaching and heating is just as important as healthy air. Which makes us   put a glass of water near the radiator.

Because putting a glass of water near the radiator can save you money

You can attach special glasses to the radiator.  These act as evaporators for the radiators.   They use the heat from the  radiator  to   combine water vapor and air   and thus ensure the correct humidity in the room climate.

It is also possible to add a few drops of essential oil to the glass of water to pleasantly perfume the house. Among the most recommended   fragrances is the eucalyptus scent, which clears the respiratory tract.

How to humidify the house with wet clothes, houseplants and steam?

It is also an   inexpensive technique for humidifying the home.   The goal is   to hang wet clothes around the house.

The   steam method  , on the other hand, consists of    using the water produced in the shower   and   kitchen . Finally, you can    grow houseplants  , which contribute to better humidification of the environment.