Benedetta Rossi’s method for cleaning the oven is very popular on the web, practical and fast

How to sanitize the oven in a few minutes with the advice of Benedetta Rossi

Household chores are never such a pleasant task, but if we want to have a clean house, we should do it daily and do it in the best possible way. Cleaning is important, but just removing dust is not enough. There are some appliances, such as the oven , which should also be sanitized, given that they are in direct contact with food

During the cooking process , food debris can accumulate on the walls and rack of the oven. If these stains are not removed regularly, they can burn and cause smoke and unpleasant odors. Since it is not always easy to clean it, perhaps some chemical product available on the market is used.

Of course it is the fastest solution, but it is certainly not the healthiest . Today we want to offer you the method of Benedetta Rossi , a beloved food blogger , who in addition to delighting us every day with her amazing recipes, also enjoys teaching us tricks for cleaning and disinfecting the house.

How to clean the oven with Benedetta Rossi’s trick

His method involves using water and lemon . Water and lemon are two common ingredients that can be easily found in the kitchen. Together, they form a powerful natural cleaner that can effectively remove dirt and food residue from the oven.


Lemon is a natural whitening agent and also has antibacterial properties which make it an excellent ally for cleaning the oven Additionally, its fresh, fragrant aroma can help neutralize unpleasant odors that may build up inside the appliance.

So let’s see how to put this precious advice from Benedetta Rossi into practice . Pour a mixture of water and lemon into a baking tray with high edges, place it in the oven and turn on at 180 degrees for 30 minutes . Once the necessary time has passed, turn off the oven and remove the dirt with a damp cloth. A few simple steps and your oven will be shiny and fragrant again.