Blackened iron, make it shine with these 2 ingredients: you have them at home


Ironing is not the most pleasant thing to do at home, especially for lazier people, when the iron becomes less smooth and  the soleplate turns black  , everything becomes even more tragic.

It can happen that  our iron is ruined by dirt and limescale , the soleplate can turn black and no longer slide smoothly on the clothes to be ironed. Therefore, maintenance is necessary and here is how to clean it.

Cleaning your iron: Here are the most effective homemade ingredients

If the  iron breaks , it’s a tragedy: ironing clothes becomes torture and you have to resort to a new device. For this reason, maintaining iron is important, including through natural and homemade methods that can help.


Not everyone knows that there  are two very simple ingredients at home that magically manage to remove all the black from the soleplate of the iron.

These are  toothpaste and baking soda : but how do they manage to clean the iron?

First, take our iron, turn it on the straightener side and  sprinkle the toothpaste evenly over it.

When  you’re done, sprinkle a little baking soda with soda to  make the stain coverage even. Now let  it act for at least 5-10 minutes  and then use a paper towel or cloth to remove the  patina that has formed : you will see that the black spots have completely disappeared.


Then wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. The iron will be as good as new. But there are also other natural ingredients that are effective for cleaning, let’s see which ones.

Other natural ingredients to clean your iron

The soleplate of the iron can also be cleaned with other ingredients in addition to those mentioned above .

In fact  , ice can be very useful for removing accumulations of dirt or rust on the plate. When the iron is perfectly cold, place it on a baking dish filled with ice cubes and leave it like that for ten minutes.

The dirty part has hardened and try to peel it off with a plastic object, spatula or splint. Then wash the griddle with baking soda and vinegar and remove the residue.

Salt and vinegar together are ideal for removing limescale deposits and cleaning the  iron.  Mix one part vinegar with one part salt in a saucepan. Heat the mixture until the vinegar boils. You need to cover the cold soleplate of the iron with this mixture and spread it with a cloth or newspaper.

Scrub well until the stains and dirt that we want to eliminate are completely gone : you will see that your iron is as good as new.