Bleach stains on clothes, you don’t have to throw them away: solve them this way

If you think that there is no remedy for bleach stains, you are wrong: here is the secret to completely removing them from clothes

Almost everyone will have had to deal with a stubborn stain on their clothing due to bleach . It could have been the fault of a spilled glass of wine, a spilled cup of coffee on the shirt, chocolate or markers on the little ones’ clothes. To remedy this damage we resort to using bleach, but most of the time it is a disastrous choice.

Bleach may not only not work, but may even make a terrible situation worse from the beginning. If you add this powerful detergent you may find yourself in a situation of no return and we will be forced to throw away the so beloved garment.

Sometimes, however, the accident is completely random: it can happen that when cleaning the bathroom with bleach or perhaps a couple of white shoes, drops of detergent splash on our clothes. In fact, after a few minutes we will notice with amazement that we have stains that were not there before.

We can immediately put these clothes in the washing machine and do even ten consecutive washes: these stains will not disappear. But then how can we save our clothes? Here is grandma’s solution (always infallible).

First it is good to see why bleach, in a sense, is a detergent capable of causing this damage.

Pros and cons of bleach

Bleach is a generic name that we use to indicate detergents composed of a high percentage of sodium hypochlorite . It is an extremely effective substance for the cleaning and disinfection of floors and toilets in our home. Its action immediately eliminates all odors and stains.

clean clothes

The power of its action is very corrosive : we have always been advised to use it only with gloves  . In fact, the skin of the hands could be affected and present various irritations. If it comes into contact with colored clothing, there are problems : it has the power to instantly discolor them. All the problems that grandmothers knew how to remedy, here are the remedies.

Remove bleach stains

If you ever have a bleach stain, don’t throw away your clothes! The solution exists, and it is the use of alcohol . We are not talking about ethanol (the pink one, so to speak), but about the alcohol contained in bottles of vodka or gin. If you have these liquors at home, ready: take a cotton ball, soak it in gin or vodka and rub it on the stain.

You have to insist a little and repeat the operation. But you will see that the bleach stain will disappear little by little and you will have saved your garment. After carrying out this operation, rinse with water and then put it in the washing machine. It will be like new.