Boil orange peel with cloves every night: that’s why

If you boil orange zest with cloves every night, your body will thank you. These two ingredients together will help you a lot. That’s why you should do it.

Orange and cloves are two very beneficial ingredients for the body. Especially together, they’re really great. Orange is one of the citrus fruits, and is very popular. Not only is it rich in vitamin C, it also has other excellent properties for the body.

Orange improves digestion, heartburn and the intestinal system. That’s why it has an anti-inflammatory effect. But it also has a strong antioxidant power, as well as promoting celebrated activity. It also has a beneficial effect on stress and anxiety and soothes.


It’s also rich in some really fundamental substances such as magnesium and potassium. It can be eaten, but is also often used for body and skin care because of some of the properties it possesses. As we said, we’ll see it combined with cloves.

Cloves are a highly prized spice for their nutritional properties. These can be found in any month of the year and are rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and also many vitamins in minute quantities.


This spice has anti-inflammatory properties and helps relieve pain. It also helps combat fatigue and, according to some, depression. There are no contraindications to using cloves, unless you’re allergic to them. But let’s take a look at what to do with these two products together.

Orange and cloves: here’s how to prepare them together
But what many people don’t know is that orange zest is also very beneficial, and not just the juice or pulp. Combining oranges and cloves is very simple, in fact you just have to make a tea with them, using the orange zest and this very fragrant spice.

Drinking hot tea is very good for the body, helping to prevent a number of problems. It’s particularly good for the mood as it contains catechins, a substance that helps neutralize free radicals. Making tea at home is very simple and we’re going to show you how to do it with orange and cloves.

tea with orange peel and cloves

First, you need the orange peel. It’s best if it’s an organic orange, but in any case you need to wash it well before using it. Once you’ve obtained the orange peel, you’ll need to leave it to dry in a moisture-free place for around 24 or 48 hours.

When the orange peel is ready, pour it into 1 L of water with 10 cloves. Now boil everything and you’ll have prepared your tea in just a few steps, but it actually has multiple benefits for your body. Just try this simple recipe.