Boil orange peels with cloves every evening: this is why

If you boil the orange zest with the cloves every night, your body will thank you. These two ingredients together will help you a lot. That’s why you have to do it.

Orange and clove are two very beneficial ingredients for the body. Especially together, they are really great. Orange is a citrus fruit and is very popular. This is rich in vitamin C but also has other excellent properties on the body.

Indeed, orange improves digestion and heartburn as well as the intestinal system. This is why it has an anti-inflammatory effect. But also a strong antioxidant power as well as the promotion of the activity celebrated . It also has a beneficial effect on stress and anxiety and soothes.


It is also rich in some really fundamental substances such as magnesium and potassium. This can be eaten but is also often used for body and skin care due to some of the properties it possesses. As we said, we will see it combined with cloves.

Le clou de girofle est une épice très appréciée pour ses propriétés nutritionnelles . Ceux-ci peuvent être trouvés pendant n’importe quel mois de l’année et sont riches en sels minéraux tels que le potassium, le magnésium, le fer, le zinc, le sodium, le phosphore, le calcium et aussi de nombreuses vitamines en quantités infimes.


Cette épice a des propriétés anti-inflammatoires et aide à soulager la douleur . Ils aident également à combattre la fatigue et même la dépression selon certains. Il n’y a aucune contre-indication à l’utilisation des clous de girofle, sauf si vous y êtes allergique. Mais voyons ce qu’il faut faire avec ces deux produits ensemble.

Orange et clous de girofle : voici comment les préparer ensemble
But what many don’t know is that orange peel is also very beneficial and not just the juice or pulp . Combining orange and cloves is very simple, in fact you just have to make a tea with these two using the orange zest and this very fragrant spice.

Drinking hot tea is very good for the body as it helps prevent a number of problems. It is particularly good for mood because it contains catechins, a substance that helps neutralize free radicals. Making tea at home is very simple and we’ll show you how to make it with orange and cloves.

orange peel and clove tea

First you need the orange peel. It is preferable that it is an organic orange but in all cases it must be washed well before using it. Once you have obtained the orange zest you will need to let it dry in a humidity-free place for about 24 or 48 hours.

When the orange zest is ready you can pour it into 1 L of water with 10 cloves . Now boil everything and you will have made your tea in very few steps, but it actually has multiple benefits for your body. You just have to try this very simple recipe.