Brilliant cleaning tip, save a lot – you’ll be happy

You can also save on cleaning. Once you learn this trick, you won’t be able to do without it.

In a historic time when raises are commonplace, any tip to spend less is welcome, even when it comes to cleaning.

Purification: Cross and Joy
Housekeeping is essential in your own home . Especially at a historic moment when we’re recovering from a global pandemic, it seems like cleaning is never enough .

Some people claim that they love housecleaning time while others hate it. Even cleaning costs money. Not only to buy cleaning products, but also to buy the tools for the best cleaning.

Many people choose to use disposable products . An example are disinfectant wipes, which cost a bit but enable quick and effective cleaning in just a few steps. Other disposable products that are essential in the kitchen include the large roll or paper towel, whatever you want to call it. Below we will explain to you how you can use it much cheaper , even if it is a disposable item.


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How to use less paper towels
The paper towel can be used in the kitchen and for cleaning. For example, when cooking, it is very useful to absorb excess oil from certain preparations, such as frying. To clean, it can be helpful to remove dirt from leftover food or to quickly clean windows and other surfaces with cleaning products.

Especially in large families, it can happen that several rolls are sold out within a month. But there is a trick to save money , which we will explain to you below. First of all, you need a family-sized scooter that is large and quite tall.

Next you will need a cutting board and a paring knife. You may be wondering what these two tools are for. You will need this to cut the roll in half . Even though it looks like toilet paper, your paper towel now serves the same purpose but can be used twice as often.

The roll will last longer even if you remember to fold the paper over itself several times so you can use it on both sides. Also remember that if you use a regular cloth tea towel instead of paper, you will be releasing less waste into the environment.

The latter is particularly suitable for absorbing water. For example, sewage from dishes or drops left by a careless child. Either way, sharing the paper towel roll will make you feel like you’re having twice as much product and (maybe) throwing less waste into the environment, even if that’s fundamentally not the case. Seeing is believing.