Bring your toilet to a high shine with this kitchen product: grandma’s secret

Although there are many different home care products on the market, we often turn to what we have at home to achieve the same results while not harming the environment.

How to Make Your Toilet Shine
Surely we always want to maintain maximum cleanliness dynamics before and after using the toilet. This is also logical, as it is a relatively large source of bacteria and dirt. Therefore, cleaning the bathroom is often frequent and tedious, as well as decidedly unpleasant. Although we have focused on the bacterial epicenter of the home, our bathroom is not the only place where these microorganisms colonize. In addition, since the Covid-19 epidemic, we have doubled our efforts in the fight against germs and pathogens and strengthened our defenses. Hand washing and the presence of hydroalcoholic gels have led to increased spread. Cleaning the bathroom, starting with the toilet, sink and shower, is a mandatory step to ensure a home free of infections, bacteria and bad smells.

It has also become common to use baking soda or other kitchen products to clean the bathroom, as it adds shine and limescale and is great for cleaning the toilet.

Dirty toilet bowl

In our homes, it is important to make sure the bathroom is clean and disinfected. It should be at the top of the list of cleaning tasks to be done around the house.