Burn a bay leaf and after 10 minutes something amazing will happen!

If you are a yoga fan and usually go to studios to practice it, you will not be able to avoid the smell of yoga that permeates the entire studio. Do you know what that is? It’s called fumigation. If you want to know more, you can read everything in this article. It’s just extraordinary.

Laurel properties

Fumigation is a Native American tradition of using the smoke of sacred herbs to purify a space. Bay leaves, which have always been considered sacred herbs, are often used in this ritual.

In addition to its use in cooking, bay leaves are also used to perfume various cosmetic products such as lotions, toiletries, creams and soaps.

How to use bay leaf at home? Bay leaves are known for their countless properties. This plant has a calming, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Many people use bay leaves to combat stress and insomnia and to improve their mood.

How can I use bay leaf at home and enjoy its benefits?

Start by selecting dried bay leaves.

Place them in a small metal bowl or pot.

Next, light the leaves with a lighter.

Wait a moment.

The result is obvious: after 10 minutes your stress will completely disappear!

In fact, bay leaf smoke works on your body by releasing and relaxing your muscle tension.

Be careful not to confuse bay leaves with bay leaves. The variety to use is the laurel or noble laurel. It is the aromatic plant used by celebrity chefs and it is also the plant that you can use to clean your home.