Burnt lamp, don’t waste money: the electrician’s technique to repair it in 1 minute

Many times you may find yourself with a burned out light bulb. This is a very common problem, but don’t worry because there is a remedy to solve it. You will no longer call the electrician, but you will have it repaired in less than 60 seconds. You will save money and time: let’s find out more.

If you have a blown light bulb at home, don’t think about throwing it away or replacing it because you can fix it in just a few steps. In a minute you will have solved the problem with this method, incredible to believe but it is true. Stop wasting money, you can fix it with little. It is a technique that electricians use, it is really very simple: let’s find out how to do it.

Burnt lamp, that’s why it happens.

The bulb can burn out for several reasons. For example, if the     house’s power supply voltage is too high. Avoid turning light bulbs on and off too frequently during the day, as you risk electrocuting them.

This happens even when a connection is not correctly connected to the socket of a bulb, in fact it is good to check if everything is well soldered, but remember to first disconnect the power, each electrical operation must be carried out safely   


Or, if you notice that the bulb has suddenly gone out and burned out, it could be due to a short circuit. But why does this happen? It may happen that the electric current does not flow along the established path, which   creates strong friction.

So in this case, the defective part   must be repaired. In short, the causes can be multiple, however, do you know how to repair a blown light bulb in a short time? What we are going to reveal to you is the method that electricians use. Very little goes a long way: let’s find out more.

The procedure to repair a blown light bulb: quick and simple

To repair a burned out light bulb, you will need a small screwdriver, electrical tape, LED wire, and needle nose pliers. Before starting, remember to turn off the lamp, this is the first step to working   safely. 

Firstly, use the screwdriver to remove the broken LED bulb from the lamp, be careful not to touch the glass of the bulb, otherwise you may burn yourself. After removing the broken bulb, remove the filament from the broken bulb with   needle nose pliers.

Next, you will need to replace the LED string that you purchased from your trusted hardware store. Solder it perfectly with adhesive tape. Finally, insert the bulb into the lamp and turn it on again.

You will repair it in just a few steps,   in less than 2 minutes. Incredible true? DIY remedies are always the best, because in addition to being cheap, they are also very easy, practical and fast. However, if you do not feel confident carrying out this small operation, contact an electrician.

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