Burnt pots and pans: all the tricks for a deep cleaning

Burnt pots and pans? Here are some ways to clean them thoroughly.

We all have a burnt pan at home that we simply cannot clean and therefore remains unused. In addition, the use of inappropriate products for cleaning pans makes them begin to deteriorate more easily. So today we tried to find a simple and effective method to remove all the grease and scale stuck to the pans, without making much effort.

How to clean a burnt pot?

frying pan with an omelette in it

By mixing water with salt , we will obtain the best results . You have to pour boiling water into the pot and add just two tablespoons of salt, let it rest for no more than twenty minutes and then scrub with a brush ..brush.. a>

If this method does not satisfy you, you can also use vinegar , adding a few drops to boiling water for a few minutes. They will be more than enough to achieve a deep clean, which will make it easier to remove food debris or grease .

Another method is instead sodium bicarbonate , which is used instead of salt. This will allow us to carry out a more thorough cleaning of the burnt pan. As always, fill the saucepan with hot water and pour in the baking soda. Next we proceed to clean the burned area with a brush. Once finished, wash with plenty of water.

Another excellent detergent is lemon , which can be used by rubbing the pot with a little of its juice. In this way the shine lost during rubbing is recovered.

Tricks for cleaning burnt pans

In addition to lemon and baking soda , a substance little used for cleaning but with very positive results is < a i=3>coca cola . Because it is acidic, it can be used to clean burnt pans. With the use of detergents we can also eliminate food remains and pieces that adhere to the inside of the pan.

A more complete method, however, is to boil water in a burnt pot and add a little vinegar and a few drops of lye . But be careful not to inhale the fumes produced by this compound, as they can be toxic.