Calla, add this to the plant: you will save a lot of money

By adding an ingredient to the calla plant we will save a lot of money: use this one.


In our  homes  we often tend to have plants on the balconies, but also inside our rooms as an ornament of spaces to share with others or even simply to our liking. Many of them, in addition to giving off a  pleasant scent  , are very useful because they tend to absorb the humidity present in our homes and therefore prevent the formation of mold and condensation.

Calla: characteristics and curiosities

Additionally, keeping vigorous, flowering plants   on or near our balconies helps us promote pollination by insects that can come to visit us and help the planet.

Calla: here is the ingredient to save money

There are many plants purchased for home use, among the most common are  hydrangeas, mother-in-law’s tongue, pothos and calla lily  which is characterized by large triangular leaves and is very easy to grow. This  plant  has a  flower  that can also bloom in a pot, giving life to one of the most beautiful and well-known, it is an evergreen plant. Its name means beautiful, deriving from the Greek term kalòs  Its flower is called  Lily of the Nile  because it grows around waterways present on the coasts of South African rivers and particularly in the region of  Egypt  .

Calla: here is the ingredient to save money

Always considered an elegant and refined plant, its flowers can last for many weeks even once cut and  placed in a vase  , changing the water daily. The  leaves are robust  and resistant and tend to have a waxy appearance as well as the flower which contains inside the spadix which resembles a spike in its shape.

Loud and vigorous call: the ingredient to use

Calla lilies can also give life to  colorful flowers  whose flowering takes place around May-June until September while the  bulbs  are put on sale between the beginning of September and the end of December. To ensure that this plant grows vigorously, it is advisable to water it daily, but not everyone knows that there is a  special ingredient to make it more resistant and shiny. It is  rice water  which, placed in the soil, tends to make the plant strong and solid and the passage of this ingredient on the leaves will tend to maintain their waxy appearance and prevent  yellowing  .

Calla: here is the ingredient to save money

To use it, simply soak the  rice  for a while until all the starch is released. Secondly, drain the rice by placing the water inside a container. Depending on the use, we can put water  directly  in the ground or in a spray bottle to be able to wash and make the leaves of our calla lily bright and shiny, making our neighbors envious. This method can also be used for other types of plants of the same type, but it is always better to consult an expert or find out if  rice water  is useful for the plant on which one has decided to use it. .