Chimney: Tips and tricks for chimney care and dirt removal in just a few steps!

A fireplace is very beneficial in winter. It is a comfortable element that helps warm the room on long winter days. However, cleaning the chimney is a boring and, above all, tiring task. Here’s how to clean it in no time.

The fireplace is an essential element of the house, especially for those who love romantic, warm and mountainous atmospheres. In the cold season, the fireplace provides warmth and makes the room much more comfortable.

However, to ensure that it always remains functional and efficient, maintenance is the most important thing. But how do you clean it in a short time? Here are some simple steps to do this without much effort.

How do I clean the chimney in just a few steps?

In the winter there is nothing better than entering the house and finding the fireplace lit.

To get the most out of it this time of year, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly before relighting. To do this, it is necessary to remove the ashes from the fireplace before lighting it again. This process is essential to have a clean fireplace and eliminate the danger posed by old ash, which can be toxic.

Remove the ashes from the fireplace: All remedies are based on natural ingredients

To effectively clean your fireplace, whose tiles are often black due to ash, you can use the following products, prepared with ingredients that you certainly have at home.

The first method involves mixing dish soap, salt, vinegar and water. How do I use the solution I received? Spray the affected area with water before spraying the dish soap solution to dissolve the ash.

Next, scrub the area with vinegar to remove any stains. This eliminates any remaining residue and smoke smells.

Another very effective method is to use dishwashing detergent. Then add ammonia and water.

You will need a spray bottle filled with water and two buckets also filled with hot water. Add the dish soap and 1/2 cup of ammonia to a bucket. Pour white vinegar into the other bucket.

Wet the chimney with water, scrub it, and then rinse it with the water filled with white vinegar.

These two methods are very effective in thoroughly cleaning your chimney. It is ready for extended use throughout the winter.