Cinnamon, pour it on the plants in your garden – the neighbors will be dying for it

This is why you should always pour cinnamon into the plants in your garden. This way the neighbors will be dying of envy.

cinnamon in plants

Today we reveal to you some natural and effective remedies for using cinnamon in the maintenance of your garden. Plants and flowers will benefit. This way, even your neighbors will envy your green and thriving lawn. This substance helps the  

garden  not only for the luxuriant growth of plants, but also because it prevents diseases and eliminates important pests. Keep reading our article to learn why you should always pour  

cinnamon  into your garden.

Why put cinnamon in the garden

Although it is one of the  most popular 

ingredients  in cooking, not everyone knows that this substance can be used for many other useful purposes, such as plant care.


Thanks to its properties, it not only provides  important 

nutrients  to plants, but also protects against pests. For example, if you used   dirty, unsanitized 

pruning tools, you must have infected the part of the plant where you made the cuts. Maybe he took it just fine or maybe he caught the infection that spreads through cuts and risks compromising the health of your beautiful plant.

Pests in plants

In this case, using cinnamon is really a   useful and effective 

solution . Its application promotes the healing of the plant, it could prevent its wilting and the appearance of infection thanks to its fungicidal action. Cinnamon is also an excellent remedy for rust and  

fungal infections  that also affect flowers. We sprinkle it on the plant to keep the environment disinfected, which will prevent the infection from attacking it. Cinnamon also keeps  

small pests away  : simply put some at the entrance, this will prevent them from reaching your beautiful plants and killing them. But did you know that cinnamon has other benefits for your plants? We recommend that you read our text to know all those that you can benefit from.

A delicious spice useful for plants

In all this it is also  

an excellent  natural mosquito repellent, I also have a little dust on the stones and in the area where the garden is lit to chase away insects. Thanks to its  

intense scent  , cinnamon keeps rodents away in search of food from your plants and your garden. The strong smell will confuse them, so they will avoid going near the places where you put the spice. This delicious spice also has another useful action, in fact it can be used as a  

rooting hormone  . When growing a vine, apply ground cinnamon to the stem – this will stimulate root growth in a truly amazing way.


Using it as a  

rooting agent  , moisten the end of the stem and dip it in ground cinnamon: the substance will usefully stimulate new growth. And did you know these revolutionary ways to use cinnamon? Are you planning to use it for your garden or will you continue to use it only in the kitchen? Let us know!