Citric acid in the toilet: a trick worth its weight in gold

Flushing citric acid down the toilet is still not popular advice. That is why you should continue reading to know more about this method. It’s a revolutionary technique worth its weight in gold, and one you would do well to adopt.

Citric acid in the toilet: a trick worth its weight in gold

Citric acid in the toilet is an environmentally friendly and cheap solution. This white powder treats dirt and grease stains, even on delicate surfaces.

This natural product can also be used to eliminate bad odors that emanate from the toilet bowl. Simply pour a teaspoon into the toilet and leave it overnight. The next morning, pour a bucket of boiling water down the drain and you’re done.

Why choose this product?

The drain is prone to bad odors, as well as blockages caused by dirt, hair, hard lime and detergent residue.

To clear jams, follow these steps:

Pour a large glass of citric acid down the toilet;
Leave it overnight;
The next day, pour hot water and you will see how the toilet flushes correctly again.
To get rid of yellow marks, here’s how to use citric acid:

Dissolve 150 g of citric acid in one liter of water;
Pour into a spray bottle;
Spray a generous amount onto the affected surface;
Rub with a sponge;
Rinse and dry to remove all traces of moisture.