Citrus powder as fertilizer: how to reuse untreated orange peels

If you have oranges, tangerines and lemons at home, why not use their peels to make an all-natural homemade fertilizer for your plants? The procedure is really very simple but always remember one thing: to make this fertilizer the fruit from which you will take the skin must not have been treated and must be strictly organic. We start by taking our peelings and storing them in a bag.

When we have accumulated a significant quantity (no more than a few days), we begin the drying phase. To do this, you can choose either to dry them in the open air by exposing them to direct sunlight, or to use the oven and cook them for a few hours at 100°C until they are cooked. in the oven. If you choose the second method, simply arrange the peels on a baking sheet, place them in the oven and keep the door slightly open during cooking to let all the steam escape. To do this, you can use a wooden spoon by placing it between the door and the oven closure.

This will usually take 4-6 hours. To prevent this process from consuming too much energy, we suggest drying as many peels as possible together so that you only have to repeat the process once every several months and not often. Now, once the peels are dried, we can put them in a blender. We used an electric one but if you also have a mortar at home you can easily use that. Once reduced to crumbs, pass them through a sieve. In this way we will separate the powder created from the pieces that have not yet been chopped well. Return them to the blender. The resulting powder can now be transferred to an airtight glass container and used as fertilizer for plants or for newly planted seeds.