A clogged sink causes a number of inconveniences, and the causes can be varied. Thanks to this natural remedy, you don’t have to call the plumber and you can solve the problem in just a few minutes.

clogged drain
Sink drain –
Everyone has had their sink clogged at least once in their life. Between the inconvenience and the nasty smells , in most cases you end up calling the plumber and paying a not exactly cheap bill. Is it possible to avoid this? There is a do-it-yourself trick that solves the situation that anyone can do, even the less experienced.

From one moment to the next, the sink drain no longer works, everything backs up and dirty water remains standing. The foul smell coming from the pipes is unbearable and there is no way to use it again.

Clogged sink
Clogged sink –
What do you do in this case? You call the plumber to solve the problem immediately. Before we find out together what natural remedies can be used to fix the problem and avoid paying the plumber’s bill, except in very serious cases, it is important to know the causes of the blockage .

In most cases these are:

Accumulation of limescale deposits
accumulation of food
Accumulation of hair and hair forming a ball that blocks the pipe
A mixture of detergents, soaps and chemicals formed a ball that clogged the drain
Objects of various types (in this case an expert is needed)
The dirt has accumulated over time.
Once you have identified the cause, you can act accordingly using the trick that we are about to reveal.

Clogged sink, the natural trick to clear the clog
When household drains are clogged with stale water, food, or other things, it not only causes a blockage, but also an unbearable stench. To dissolve these deposits and unblock the drain, there are three natural ingredients that together have a caustic and swallowing effect.

Drain clogged with food residue
Drain blocked by food
The first ingredient is sodium carbonate , which is cheap and easy to find, white in color, and grainy in appearance. It should be used instead of sodium bicarbonate as it is more caustic due to its high alkali content. It acts directly as a deodorant, degreaser and disinfectant.

This ingredient is combined with alcohol vinegar , similar to white wine vinegar, and is a solution obtained from the fermentation of sugars. Its power is a descaler as well as a limescale and pipe cleaner. Hot water is added to the above two remedies, which stimulates the reaction of the ingredients and rinses away any residue to clean the pipes.

The dosages to prepare for a treatment of average nature are:

Sodium carbonate 4 tablespoons
Alcohol vinegar half a glass
Hot water 1 liter
Natural remedies for clogged pipes
Natural remedies for clogged pipes –
If the constipation is very severe (always check the cause first), the amounts increase:

Sodium carbonate 6 tablespoons
Alcoholic vinegar 1 glass
Hot water 1.5 liters
Let’s now turn to the procedure :

Pour the sodium carbonate down the drain and try to do it as quickly as possible.
Add alcohol vinegar and let stand for 5 minutes
Pour hot – never boiling – water to stimulate the process and keep the pipes clean.