Clogged sink, the only infallible method to unclog it in just a few seconds

Here’s a foolproof way to clear a clogged sink. Let’s find out what products to use and what steps to follow to achieve optimal results in a short time.


It has happened to everyone at some point in their life that the  bathroom or kitchen sink  is clogged. In fact, the massive use of these elements can, over time, cause problems with the consequent clogging of the drain.

Tap water begins to accumulate in the sink and has difficulty “sinking”. In more serious cases, the sink becomes completely blocked. Improper use of the sink can cause frequent blockages. In fact, it is advisable  to prevent hair or fur from going down the drain  . In fact, in the long term, these elements can form deposits that can clog the drain.

In general, it is advisable to be careful and avoid accidentally putting “foreign” elements down the drain. We also refer to food scraps, dust and other residues. Debris  that ends up in the pipes  could actually prevent your sink from functioning properly. A circumstance that must be avoided.

In addition,  limescale deposits are another cause of possible clogging of this element. It is therefore advisable to prevent this from happening regularly by using baking soda and vinegar. These elements dissolve the limescale and prevent your sink from clogging.

However, in this article, we would like to make readers  aware of an infallible method that will help you unclog pipes in your sink in just a few seconds. Are you ready to know the products to use and the steps to follow when ordering? All you have to do is keep reading.

How to Unclog a Clogged Sink in a Few Simple Steps: Here is the foolproof method

If you have a clogged sink, the first thing you think about  is calling a specialized technician  . In a short time, he will understand the problem and get your sink looking new again. In many cases, however, the filling can be easily dissolved even by laypeople.

Clogged sink

If you don’t want to spend money on sink maintenance in the event of a minor clog, know that there are several simple  natural methods that you can use to solve the problem yourself  .

A special tool, such as a  drain cleaner  , can be helpful in unclogging the drain. It has a handle and a suction cup that, thanks to the vacuum effect, allows you to eliminate blockages in the sink in less serious cases. It just requires a little practice and strength.

However, there is also a  simpler and more effective natural solution  . It’s about using commonly used products that are very easy to find. Let’s find out what to do and  what steps you need to take  to be able to use the sink without problems again. Here are the details.

The procedure to be put into practice

For minor blockages, simply follow the procedure we are going to show you now to easily solve the problem related to the blockage of your sink drain. You need an  environmentally friendly powder detergent  . How will you solve the problem? Here’s what you need to know about it.

Method for clearing sink clogs

You need to add about  two tablespoons  of this  detergent powder  into the sink. First you need  to boil some water  . You will need this fluid to perform the operation to clear the blockage. After throwing the dish soap into the sink, pour in some boiling water. This step is used to get the cleaning agent into the pipes.

Boiling water and detergent will  loosen any dirt  ,  dust or limescale deposits  that caused the blockage.

Wait about 15-20 minutes  for these elements in the pipes to really work. Now turn on the tap water and check whether the problem has really been solved. In the case of a non-solid filling, this simple method allows you to fix the filling without having to call a specialized technician.

 As an alternative to powder detergent, you can also use liquid detergent or, even better,  baking soda . In fact, this product also has excellent degreasing properties when combined with boiling water and the correct method that we have just indicated.