Clogged toilet ? The trick to solve the problem easily

Clogged toilets The trick to solving the problem easily

No luck, the toilets are still clogged! But no, fate is not against you, this type of incident is very common in all homes. Don’t worry, this can be fixed in no time. There is also no question of incurring incidental costs by contacting the plumber directly! Unless the problem is really serious, unblocking blocked pipes is not that difficult. Here are some simple and proven methods to quickly unclog your toilet drain yourself. Tips to keep in mind if necessary!

How to unclog a clogged toilet?

It is important to understand that this phenomenon is very common. Toilet pipes can become clogged at any time for a variety of reasons. One of them is, without a doubt, linked to the massive presence of  toilet paper in the pipes and other items that we systematically throw away without thinking. Over time, it’s not so surprising that toilets end up getting clogged and even giving off really unpleasant odors. The blockage forms in the pipes and ends up obstructing the natural passage of water after flushing the drain. All the dirt then rises to the surface and causes these suffocating smells.

What is the most effective unblocker?

Also, when the pipe is blocked, the water is not flowing freely and the dirt remains afloat, certain household products can come to your rescue to unblock the situation. They are poured into the bowl, combined with very hot water. If the blockage was only slight, you will quickly notice that the pipes will eventually clear and the flush will work properly again. On the other hand, if the clogging is more serious, the adhesive tape technique will be very useful to you.

How to use it ? First, dry the toilet rim thoroughly, then position the tape vertically and horizontally. The important thing is to be able to cover the entire opening as best as possible, so that no air enters or escapes in one way or another.

A layer of hot steam will then form and gradually melt the adhesive tape. Significant pressure will allow the toilet blockage to be cleared. To make it easier, we recommend pressing the double layer of tape with your hands.

Once all the dirt has been removed and the toilet is no longer clogged, you can remove the tape. And there you have it, that was the little technique you needed to know!

Grandma’s tips: unclog your toilet without a plunger

Obviously, there are a ton of practical and effective ways to unclog a toilet easily.  Flushing a toilet  is not as complex a process as it seems. And, in case of minor problems, the permeability of the toilet can be achieved quickly without necessarily calling a specialist. So, what should you do in the event of a blockage in the sewers? If your pipes are clogged, these three home remedies can help you save the day by quickly getting rid of this annoying problem.

  1. Amazing duo: baking soda and white vinegar
Baking soda and white vinegar

Before starting, a little reminder: we know that it is a very tedious task and that many prefer to postpone it, but we must not skimp on cleaning the toilets. Maintenance must be regular, even daily, to preserve your health and maximize your well-being in a clean and healthy place. After all, you spend a lot of time there and the idea is to feel comfortable there, right? The good news is that you don’t have to continually resort to chemical cleaners, which are expensive and harmful to the environment. Some natural and ecological products will do the trick very well!

In this case, the following substances will not only help you purify and deodorize the premises, but also unclog the drain. Along with hot water,  baking soda and vinegar  are some of the most effective home remedies to use for a blockage. Ideally, it is best to combine these 3 ingredients at the same time to clean the pipes. Bicarbonate and acetic acid in particular form a powerful chemical compound in water that releases a lot of carbonic acid. This will exert intense pressure and you can increase the effect with hot water. So, concretely, here are the doses to apply: put 1 to 2 small sachets of baking soda in your clogged toilet, then pour a bottle of white vinegar and around 3 liters of hot water. Leave this solution on overnight. The next morning, you will be pleasantly surprised to note that the blockage has completely disappeared. Unless, of course, the problem is much deeper in the drain. And as a bonus, you’ll even notice that your toilets smell good and are clean!

For information

Acetic acid is also great for breaking down urinary tartar.

  1. With hot water and dishwashing liquid

Sometimes toilet blockages are caused by greasy cleaner deposits. In this case, hot water remains your best ally. How to empty the toilet in this case? Fill a saucepan with water and cook it until it boils. Then wait 5 to 10 minutes for the water to cool slightly and add a generous amount of  dishwashing liquid . Then, pour this mixture into the toilet bowl and observe if the permeability of the pipes has improved. Do not hesitate to repeat this operation several times until the blockage is completely dissolved. Please note, however, that this technique only works in certain types of blockages, particularly when the pipe is blocked on the surface.

  1. Unclog pipes with a wire hanger
Iron hangers

Our last method is unusual to say the least, but no less proven. It involves inserting a hanger into the sewer pipe. Yes yes, you read correctly! But not just any hanger: don’t try to insert a wooden or plastic hanger, but rather a wire hanger. Simply unfold it and push it down the drain to unclog it. Be sure to straighten the hanger as far as possible before inserting it into the toilet as far as possible. A tip: don’t forget to use protective gloves to operate hygienically. After finishing the work, you will also need to get rid of dirt residue by cleaning the area well with a disinfectant liquid.