Clothes hanging at home, only if you put the dryer here, it dries in just 10 minutes

Laundry, where to put the clothesline to dry clothes in just 10 minutes? With this trick you will save a lot of time and have your clothes ready in no time.

With the arrival of winter and cold weather, all women face the same problem:   how to dry clothes quickly? If you place the dryer here, your   clothes will dry in just 10 minutes. Here’s the trick no one told you.

Clothes dryer, the essential accessory in every home

Whether you have a large house, surrounded by balconies or terraces, or if you live in an apartment with only two windows, it doesn’t matter. In winter, the same problem arises for everyone:   how to dry clothes quickly?

Laundry on the clothesline

Cold   and damp   are not clothes’ friends, especially because if you don’t have an   efficient heat source   , your clothes could stay wet for days.

How to solve this disastrous problem? Today we have   a solution   that will not only save you a lot of time but will also allow you to have   your clothes dry in ten minutes.

The secret is in the dryer   . What does it mean? That   you will have to place it here   so that it dries quickly. Here’s the trick no one told you. We are sure that you will not be able to do without it.

How to dry your clothes quickly with this trick

With the arrival of winter and the drop in temperatures,   drying our clothes quickly is a difficult task   . Many try to use alternative methods, such as placing clothing near heat sources, such as the radiator.

Hang clothes

Others, however, hang them with the first light of the morning, obviously in the absence of rain, on the classic  clotheslines   that undoubtedly ensure the best drying. But what to do when you don’t have a balcony available or if it rains every day?

Here is the   solution   that will save your life. Finally he revealed   the experts’ secret   :   if you place the dryer here, you will get your clothes dry quickly in just 10 minutes   ! As you well know, the clothesline really saves lives.

It is an essential accessory that cannot be missing in any home. There are different types and ranges of each price. You can buy, for example,   a horizontal dryer   , the classic ones to be clear, of which there is no shortage.

But if you have little space available, you can solve the problem by getting a   vertical clothesline. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more comfortable and space-saving solution, there is also   a wall clothesline   that is fixed to the wall and allows you to enjoy maximum comfort.

The question that many ask, however, is the following:   where is it best to place our clothesline for quick drying? Once the secret is discovered, we will tell you immediately. According to the advice of experts,   to dry clothes in a short time it is necessary that the clothes be hanging in a preferably illuminated room   , where there is at least one window through which the sun’s rays can enter even if they are very weak.

In winter, the even more ideal solution is   to place the dryer near heat sources   . Whether it’s a radiator, an air conditioner or a fireplace, it doesn’t matter: the heat will be necessary to dry our clothes.

Now you may be wondering how to solve the   humidity problem   , especially if it is not possible to ventilate the room. In this case we also have an infallible trick: just   place a bowl with coarse salt under the dryer   . This seasoning is capable of   absorbing all the moisture   and drying your clothes quickly.

However, there are also other tricks that guarantee that your   laundry   is not only dry in a very short time but also   perfect and wrinkle-free. Experts advise, for example   , not to hang clothes all together   : this way moisture passes from one garment to another and drying times will undoubtedly be lengthened.

The second tip is   to always turn your clothes inside out to dry   , especially if they are jeans. Finally,   for shirts and t-shirts, the most appropriate solution is to use hangers   : this way the washing water will tend to evaporate much faster.

Also pay attention when washing clothes, in particular   you have to adjust the power of the spin cycle   : if it is at minimum, the clothes will stay damp for longer. What would happen if   the mold problem arose instead? We have a solution for this too:   place bags of rice near the clothesline. This starchy cereal absorbs moisture and   prevents bad odors and the appearance of mold   .

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