Coffee: the effective and natural weapon against mosquito attacks

Mosquitoes are attracted to damp places, yes, but also to the smell of our skin, which, without defense, is exposed to the attacks of these vile insects. And then the garden that we dreamed of in winter becomes the chosen place for mosquito attacks and the nights become a nightmare. How to keep mosquitoes away naturally and safely, inside and outside the home? The answer is simple: coffee. That’s how it works!

There are many mosquito repellents on the market; However, most are chemical preparations whose prolonged use is not recommended or, if natural, are very expensive. An alternative way to keep mosquitoes away from the home’s internal and external environments is an ingredient that everyone has at home: coffee grounds. It is a natural repellent recommended by the EPA – the US Environmental Protection Agency – and its effectiveness has been confirmed by various studies since 2003. Below we propose a very simple way to harness all its defensive power.

First, take the coffee grounds and place them on a plate covered with aluminum foil; then store it in a cool and dry place until it is completely dry.

At this point you can put it on the table or on a balcony and burn it to create smoke: the coffee grounds burn slowly and for a long time and the mosquitoes fly away.