Combining orange with olive oil, the old custom of our grandparents returns: what is it for?

There are many natural ways to take care of yourself. This can also be done through the consumption of fruits, vegetables and some of the healthy and authentic ingredients that make our local gastronomy excellent. Here, in this sense, why we should all get into the habit of combining orange with extra virgin olive oil.

The daily life of each of us flows in the name of many things to do, which is why stress and fatigue   ,   day after day, begin to take over our mind and body. Between one commitment and another, therefore, we must remember the need to be able to make time for   ourselves   .

Whether it’s a short walk or a coffee break, doing something for yourself not only puts you in a   good mood   , but it also helps preserve and care for your body. One of the best habits, however, is to consume ingredients rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals which, as you all know, are among the best   allies   of our   health   .

There are two products, in particular, capable of providing many benefits to our body; These are, for the uninitiated,   oranges   and   extra virgin olive oil   . These two ingredients, consumed individually, are capable of providing many resources to our body. However, not everyone knows that oil and orange juice can also be taken   together   . Are you curious to know why? Let’s find out together.

The benefits of combining oil and orange juice

The orange belongs to the citrus family and is one of the most loved and appreciated fruits by all Italians. This, of course, can only be seen as a positive, thanks to all the   benefits   we can obtain from its consumption. In fact, oranges contain a very large amount of   vitamins   , capable of not only strengthening the   immune system   , but also relieving stomach pains and helping digestion; exert an  antioxidant   and purifying action; to decrease the absorption of fats and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

benefits of orange

Extra virgin olive oil, for its part, is an ingredient rich in vitamins, fatty acids and omega-3, and helps not only promote   regular intestinal transit   , but also   prevent   inflammation of this organ. At this point, let’s discover together the benefits of combining oranges and oil and the method to consume them together.

A concentrate of health

Preparing a drink based on oranges and olive oil is really very simple. We just have to squeeze the juice of   four oranges   into a glass, add   a single tablespoon   of extra virgin olive oil and stir for a few seconds to combine the two ingredients.

oil and oranges

This drink based on natural ingredients is perfect for   detoxifying   the liver and body and   for losing   weight and excess fat.

To obtain all the benefits derived from the union of oil and orange, the ideal would be to consume this drink on an empty stomach   ,   before breakfast, for a whole week; wait five days and repeat the intake for another seven days.