Cracked heels, with the candle trick you get rid of them in just 1 day

Cracked heels are a common problem, but just taking a candle can fix the problem in just 24 hours. This is how you should do it.

Cracked heels are a very common problem   . The cracks that form on the feet are actually cracks that tend to hurt. Sometimes annoying cuts are created that are also very annoying. The reasons why many people have cracked heels are varied and we will now look at some of them.

Among the problems is excessive pressure or more simply the   friction of the feet   inside the shoes. Then also the composition of the skin itself, which varies from person to person, when it is actually dry and arid the heels tend to crack more easily. But you can solve this annoying problem.

cracked heels: this is how to fix them

Cracked heels should not be neglected and that is why we advise you to solve this problem simply with a spark plug   . Below we will see how you can set up this method that will surely leave you speechless because it really solves the problem in no time.

Candle cream for cracked feet

As we said, cracked heels are annoying and that is why they should not be overlooked. You can then make this candle cream which has a lot of body and in no time will allow you to have soft heels with a silk effect on the back. All you have to do is make it happen, all the details below.

To make this cream for cracked feet you will need: a candle, olive oil, Vaseline, coconut oil   . It takes very little time to make and in about 20 minutes it will be ready. To start with a grater you will have to grate the entire candle until you have reduced it to very small parts.

candle cream for cracked heels

Now that you have your grated candle, you can put it in a bowl and add half a glass of olive oil inside. Mix well until the two ingredients are combined, then take a small saucepan with half a cup of water.  Place the bowl inside and melt the candle in a water bath   .

When the candle and oil are completely liquid, you can remove the container from the jar.  Now just add a tablespoon of Vaseline and half a teaspoon of coconut oil   . Mix the ingredients well until the Vaseline and coconut oil melt. Continue for a few minutes.

spread candle cream on cracked heels

Wait about 15/20 minutes for the cream to thicken and that’s it   . Put it in a container with a clean lid so you can store it. This will keep for about six months out of the refrigerator. Now is the time to use it and see if it really works.

You can spread the cream on the candle and let it absorb or for a more intense action you can make a mask.  It will be enough to add plenty of cream and then put socks on. It is recommended to do this method at night. Your heels will immediately be very soft and by continuing to use this cream you will no longer have annoying cracked heels.