Dandelion: grows everywhere and is rich in therapeutic properties

Dandelion , as the plant is commonly known in Italy, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine thanks to its incredible properties, which are today almost unknown or underestimated.

It can also be used in cooking, and added to dishes and salads, dandelion is packed with vitamins (about twice as many as spinach and tomatoes). It has excellent diuretic properties, promoting the production of bile. It also purifies the liver, fights allergies and regulates cholesterol levels.

Dandelion is an ideal dietary supplement for menopausal and pregnant women. It is rich in beta-carotene and an excellent source of minerals and vitamins.

It helps regulate metabolism and purify the stomach and blood. Dandelion flowers can be used to prepare an infusion rich in benefits, capable of cleansing the digestive tract, purifying the blood and soothing coughs.

Pick a few dandelion plants and dry the leaves. Pour them into a cup of boiling water and leave for at least 20 minutes. Strain and drink, sweetening only with honey.