Defrosting the freezer: The device does not need to be switched off. With this trick you can do it in minutes

Defrost the freezer: do not turn off the device and use a very simple method.

Of course, a good refrigerator that includes an excellent freezer is a must at home. The freezer is essential for keeping any type of food cool for a long time.

However, the everyday fear is opening the freezer and finding it full of ice.

To prevent ice from forming in the freezer, always keep the appliance clean and in good condition.

However, if it is too late, you must get rid of the ice as simply and as quickly as possible.

Defrosting the Freezer: Read on to learn the trick.

Often some people decide, extremely carelessly, to use the hair dryer to quickly defrost their freezer. Of course, it is better to avoid this “method” because there is a risk that the ice, once melted, will electrocute the hairdryer can.

Fortunately, on this page you can discover an alternative method that is extremely functional and much less dangerous.

To defrost the freezer, you must first pour water into a pot and place everything on a burning stove. When the water has reached the boiling point , simply place the pot in the freezer.

Of course, before putting the pot in, you have to get your food out in such a way that  the stuff can stay frozen.

Then close the freezer and add the boiling water for approx. Let it steep for 20 minutes .

However, if you are short on time, you can also place towels soaked in hot water in the freezer and then directly on the ice place.

This way the freezer will appear perfectly thawed after just a few minutes.

All that remains is to try this method, accessible to everyone, and be amazed by its ease, speed and final result.

Removing the ice cream from the freezer will really be a breeze at this point.

Good job to everyone.