Defrosting the freezer will no longer be a problem: the trick to do it in 10 minutes

It will only take you 10 minutes to defrost your freezer thanks to this brilliant trick – once you try it, you’ll never want to go without it again.

The things to do at home are endless, it seems incredible but there is always something to do. Cleaning requires time and effort and that is why it is always very important to know some tricks to be able to do what we have to do in a short time and without effort. Between commitments, work and family, it is not always possible to reconcile everything and cleaning at home takes a backseat. Luckily, there are many tricks that will make your life easier and easier. That’s why today I want to talk to you about an  exceptional method to defrost the freezer in just a few minutes  , a few maneuvers and you can clean it perfectly. I’ll tell you how to do it right away, it’s very easy!

The trick to defrosting the freezer in a very short time: everything solved in an instant

frozen freezer

Not everyone knows it, but  defrosting the freezer is very important  since a lot of ice can form inside the drawers. If you don’t clean and defrost the freezer from time to time, you run the risk of ice building up and the freezer no longer working as it used to. Therefore, the refrigerator uses more energy to maintain the temperature you set (   also find out how to limit consumption  ) and, among other things, if ice accumulates  there will be less and less space in the freezer  . In addition, defrosting it also allows you to clean it of dirt and food remains that can cause bad odors. That is why proper maintenance of your freezer is always very important.

If you don’t have time and cleaning the freezer is a real concern for you, then you just have to use some simple tricks. First,  empty the freezer of food. Keep in mind that food can defrost, so I advise you to store it in a thermal bag that keeps it at temperature, or it is better to consume the food in the freezer the days before cleaning.

Once everything is emptied, you have several methods you can use. Obviously turn off the freezer and unplug it for safety. Now, all you have to do is choose which shape to use. For example,  you can fill some sauce pans with boiling water and leave them in the freezer for a few minutes  . The heat and steam will speed up the melting of the ice, making your job easier. Remember to place some old rags under the freezer to catch any dripping water. Once the ice has softened, you can remove it with a  special plastic scraper  and remove entire blocks without problems. Use a special tool to remove ice from the walls because otherwise you risk scratching or breaking them and ruining them.

Another trick is to wet a cloth with boiling water and wipe it along the walls of the freezer. But be careful not to burn yourself, so it is best to wear gloves. Again, a few seconds will be enough to melt the ice a little. Scrape the ice with the appropriate plastic scraper and you will see that it will come off in no time.

How to clean the freezer

clean the freezer

Once you have removed all the ice  , create a mixture with vinegar and Marseille soap. Stir and moisten a cloth in the solution. Wring out the cloth and clean the entire freezer well. Also remove the drawers and wash them with the same mixture. Then rinse and dry with a clean cloth. At this point,  also discover the mixture to clean the refrigerator.

All you have to do is replace the drawers, plug it in, and turn the freezer back on. Please  before inserting the plug, make sure it is not wet. Also dry the soil well. Finally, put the products back in the freezer and that’s it!