Dirty and yellowed window frames will shine again with this remedy

Here’s how to make all your dirty, yellowed window frames shine again. It is a really simple and effective remedy.

Dirty window frames

Let’s discover together an incredible method that will make your   windows   look like new as before. You will never believe how bright and shiny they will be like new.

How to clean dirty window frames

You invested in   new windows  in time to reduce your energy bill. You have seen well and you are satisfied, the savings are there. However, with force, solar radiation or even cleaning, your plastic poles have turned yellowish, without you being able to do anything about it. Do not panic! We offer you a tip to whiten window frames with homemade tricks.

Do you miss the good old wooden frames? Don’t forget that they need fresh paint regularly, you’ve added duct tape for the winter, and best of all, you’ve had to get rid of condensation on your windows. Admittedly, even plastic or PVC   can develop a patina over time   . Its first enemy continues to be solar radiation. Even sudden changes in temperature reveal their sensitivity, especially when the windows face south and must suffer, in summer and winter, a large thermal amplitude.

the Windows

You will discover two tips that will eliminate the   discomfort   of time on the plastic materials of your windows and allow them to recover their former whiteness.

No more running through the household products aisles of the supermarket or local grocery store.  Everything you need is already at home   to make your dirty window frames shine. In addition to its medicinal virtues, it is thanks to its abrasive but delicate potential that this ingredient will be essential.

Make them shine with this ingredient

If you want your windows to shine, you’ll need   apple cider vinegar   . You will need to dissolve 4 tablespoons of soda crystals in a little water, add 4 tablespoons of cider vinegar and 4 of dishwashing liquid and then mix. Apply the mixture to the window jambs and leave it to act for at least 6 hours.

Then wipe with a   cloth   to collect dust and other dirt. Rinse well with water. Dry with a final cloth and that’s it! You will be surprised by the result. You can also use other products to whiten the plastic, the plastic on the windows will regain its previous whiteness.

Apple cider vinegar

For   monthly maintenance  , prefer a more delicate intervention method and your frames will retain their new whiteness. On this occasion you will get another ancient and very effective product in your pharmacy: Marseille soap.

Dissolve 50 grams of  Marseille soap shavings   in a quarter of a liter of water: make sure it has melted, if necessary heat the mixture a little in a saucepan. Then proceed as you see fit for maintenance and above all don’t forget to rinse and dry well.

You see, cleaning white plastic windows is no longer a problem for you! You have everything at hand in the house.