Dirty kitchen towels full of bacteria, like new without bleach

Dirty, bacteria-filled kitchen towels are dangerous and there is a way to disinfect them, but without using bleach.

Kitchen towels  are used every day to dry hands, clean wet plates and pans, and support the preparation of traditional dishes. There is no kitchen where one or more kitchen towels are not hung, which have different functions during the day for cooking activities. Being  used and exposed  , it goes without saying that they are always dirty and full of bacteria:  it is better not to use bleach  , but rather this method that sanitizes them and makes them look like new again.

Wipes rich in bacteria, are they dangerous?

Kitchen towels  are part of the daily life of the home, in fact, you just have to enter the kitchen to see them hanging on the oven door or on a fun hanger. They are used for many activities and  each one has its function:  there is one that dries the dishes, one of a different color that is used for hands while others dry the sink or serve as support during cooking.

Dirty kitchen towel

In short, this triangular or square-shaped cotton fabric is truly essential in the kitchen on every occasion. It is also often used as a plate holder or during the preparation of a dessert, so as not to come into direct contact with the surfaces or to avoid dirtying the new kitchen. The  real problem  is that they are used several times without washing: these cloths accumulate germs and bacteria, which then transfer to the dishes or directly to the user’s hands.

The  advice  is to use them only once and wash them every day, especially if they have been in contact with multiple objects or surfaces in a single day. When they are dirty and stained, most people  opt for bleach  ; nothing could be more wrong.

To avoid contaminating, save money and have clean kitchen towels like new, all you have to do is adopt this method and these ingredients that  we all have in the kitchen.

Kitchen cloths like new without bleach: the method to use

Whether cotton or microfiber, kitchen towels are always present and available  in drawers in large quantities  . They must be changed, washed and disinfected continually because they are always in contact with germs and bacteria.

To eliminate stains and bacteria, returning them to their natural state as new, it is not necessary to use  bleach but rather remedies  that are easily found in the kitchen.

  • Hot water
  • Bowl
  • Organic dishwashing detergent
  • Dishwasher tablet.

How to do? Take the container and fill it with hot water. Immediately afterwards, put the washing tablet in the dishwasher and wait for it to dissolve completely. Now is the time to pour a few drops of organic dishwashing detergent.

clean kitchen towels

The kitchen towels should be dipped in this mixture and left to soak for  at least 30 minutes. Immediately after, simply rinse well and let them dry.