Discover the 5 benefits of planting basil in your garden or home garden

Aromatic herbs have always been undisputed allies of numerous domestic activities, therefore…

Aromatic herbs are always undisputed allies of numerous domestic activities, therefore, we invite you to learn about the  5 benefits of planting basil in your garden or home vegetable patch  . Add it to your green companions and you will see the good results!

One of the activities that became very popular in the midst of the pandemic was plant care,  many were interested in having a space to take care of nature through small orchards  , some even became “master gardeners”.

But if you are just starting or interested in this business, you should know that  having a basil plant can add many positive aspects  that will change your day. So take note.

have basil at home

This fragrant herb is one of the noblest because, in addition to the fact that basil care is not too specific and only requires periodic watering, it also occurs throughout the year without major problems.

Among the main  treatments for basil  are:

  • Keep the soil in the pot moist, but not waterlogged
  • Don’t allow it to flower and try to prune it frequently
  • Leave it in a place where it receives sunlight for at least six hours a day
  • Look for a suitable temperature, which varies between 20º Celsius
  • Fertilize at least twice a month

What are the advantages of planting basil indoors?

  1. Pest repellent: If you have already started your garden indoors and are letting other plants grow, having basil as company will help prevent the establishment of fearsome whiteflies, aphids or mealybugs
  2. Health care: Surely you have heard of the benefits of this plant in terms of antioxidants, but it is also linked to the ability to regulate blood sugar levels; Furthermore, it is capable of attacking stress
  3. Variety: Believe it or not, there is a wide variety of basil, so you can mix several together so your taste buds will taste different when using them in cooking.
  4. Cocktails: If you are a fan of drinks, nothing better than having a basil plant to mix with those gin and vodka based drinks that are delicious with this touch of flavor
  5. Gastronomy: Nothing to elevate your food like implementing fragrant herbs that can make that sensation expand to your palate; use it in your pastas, salads and even on pizza

Now that you know the benefits of planting basil, will you include it in your home garden?