Discover the quickest and easiest way to clean your blinds with a broom

Cleaning the house is an essential household chore because a clean and disinfected interior is good for your health. Particular attention must be paid to cleanliness, especially if you live with pets and children. In addition to cleaning the floor, shelves and furniture, it is also necessary to ensure the hygiene and condition of the blinds, which tend to accumulate dust.

Discover the quick and easy broom trick for cleaning shutters

Rain in the fall and winter months is one of the main causes of dirty shutters. Not only rain, but also dust and various types of dirt can cause shutters to become heavily soiled.

It is very important to disinfect the inside and outside of your shutters. Especially in the case of the external facade, as it is more exposed to the effects of the weather. This explains the layers of dirt and dust on the outside of the shutters.

For proper cleaning, use a soft, clean cloth to clean the inside and outside of the blinds. Use a soft broom in hard-to-reach places.

The second stage of cleaning blinds

Once the dust is removed, it’s time to wash the blinds. To do this, you can use Marseille soap and white vinegar. These are two natural products with strong degreasing properties.

To use it, simply mix the two products and soak a microfiber cloth to clean the blinds. Particular caution is required with electric blinds.

Finally, prepare a mixture of water and neutral soap for wooden blinds. Use the solution to remove dirt from wooden blinds