Dishwasher tablets: why buy them even if you don’t have appliances

Dishwashing tablets   are used to degrease, clean and polish containers and utensils for daily use. But it does not stop there. In fact, they can also give you a way in other situations and now we present seven of them!

Dishwasher tablets: unconventional methods of use

Without proper maintenance, the washing machine can emit   bad odors   . Fortunately, there is a simple method to implement. You need 2 dishwasher tablets to put in the   basket   . So run an empty wash cycle and enjoy the amazing results.

To get rid   of grease   stuck to kitchen walls, this trick is fantastic. It also works for pencil or pen marks left on the walls of the house: if you have small children, you will know what we are talking about! Mix a   compress   with warm water, dip a cloth in the solution and rub gently until the stains disappear. 

Different types of dishwasher tablets

With repeated use over time, the   pan   tends to lose its shine. In addition, residues that are difficult to remove are deposited. Here is the remedy: fill the mold with hot water and put a tablet in it. Leave it on overnight and rinse off the next morning. You will see that your container is as clean as when you bought it.

Whatever the room, it is possible to keep the   pipes   in good condition, avoiding consulting a professional. Put one tablet in the siphon and gently pour a liter of boiling water over it. For optimal action, rinse everything with   white vinegar   . 

Oven cleaners should be handled with care. In the absence of organic products, dissolve the multipurpose tablet in a container with previously boiled water. Now dip a microfiber cloth and wipe the surfaces. Let it sit for a quarter of an hour and clean with a damp cloth. 

Dishwasher-safe tablets

When it comes to treating   white clothes  (only white!), add one tablet to the laundry before starting the normal wash cycle: the stains will fade away. 

To   effortlessly clean   your bathroom, toss a tablet into the tank before bed. When you wake up the next morning, flush the toilet. Doing so will remove lime deposits and descale the tank.