Do not throw away unused corduroy: reused in this way it becomes very useful

Too much corduroy? That’s why you shouldn’t throw it away. If you reuse it like this, it is really useful. We reveal to you a tip that you will not be able to do without.   If you also have   unused corduroy   , wait before giving it away: it can be reused!  The result you can achieve is absolutely extraordinary   .

How to reuse used fabrics

In the   era of DIY   , where this technique is used more and more every day, everything is very useful. Even   old or worn fabrics   can become an invaluable resource for you.

Fabric waste
 How many times have you thought about throwing away that old shirt or those torn jeans that you haven’t worn in years? We tell you that even with   so-called garbage   you   can do something surprising   .

For example, did you know that   you can even make a bag out of old jeans   ? And with some old socks, did you know that you can even make puppets   to   entertain your children?

Today, however, we want to focus on a   material   that you will surely also have at home:   corduroy   . It is a   particular fabric, wrinkled and super warm   , with which not only pants but also jackets are usually made.

If you have to throw away a garment made with this material or   if you have an unused fabric of this type   , wait a moment:   what you can do in such a short time is truly incredible.

How to reuse corduroy

Corduroy is one   of   the most used fabrics for making   jackets and pants   . Comfortable, warm but also light at the same time, it is perfect especially in autumn and winter.  If you have this material left over, wait to throw it away   : you could reuse it and do something extraordinary with it.


Are you currently searching your closet for those corduroy pants that you no longer plan to wear? Don’t throw it away,   we give you an idea that will surely be useful to you.

The first thing you should do is   cut it at the legs   . With the two pieces of fabric that correspond precisely to the legs,   make cuts of 5 and 7 centimeters respectively at the ends   : by doing so, you will be able to open the fabric that will seem quite large and will have taken   the shape of a shirt   . With the rest of the fabric in place you will have obtained a skirt.

Now put the velvet shirt under   the sewing machine and seal the ends   . At this point,   get another item that you don’t use   , such as an old long-sleeved shirt.

Now you will have to   cut out the sleeves which  you will then sew to your corduroy fabric   which, thanks to your sewing skills, will have become   a tunic   . Use a needle and thread or, if you want to speed things up, use the sewing machine again.

With these two scraps   you will have made a magnificent corduroy shirt and skirt   ! Do you see how   this fabric can be reused intelligently   ? You can also use it to make   useful home accessories   , such as   kitchen towels for cleaning wet dishes   .

Velvet reuse