When you need to thoroughly scrub a   surface or fabric   to clean it well, you always turn to sponges.

Although they are very useful, especially in certain areas such as the bathroom or kitchen, there are   more delicate and equally effective alternatives.

Among the different solutions we find the   soap on the cloth method   , an unknown trick that allows   you to deeply clean and perfume 5+1 things in the house   .


We don’t really understand what we’re talking about when we talk about the rag method if we don’t get    everything we need first !

Rest assured that you will need items that you have at home and that, in any case, you can easily find.

Here they are in detail:

  • 1 microfiber cloth
  • 1 bar of Marseille soap

With these two products   you will have everything you need to continue   ! The method involves   dampening the microfiber cloth   ,   lightly rubbing the bar of soap   in the center   and then wrapping the cloth around it   .

That way, when you use the cloth with the bar of soap, you will have a kind of alternative sponge that will make cleaning the following things that we now see together more efficient.


Let’s start with the   sofa   , a piece of furniture in the house that, although it is not cleaned very often, needs to be renewed from time to time.

If they are removable,   cleaning will be very simple   because all you have to do is wash the cover in the washing machine, but when will it be all one?

Well, take the soapy cloth and   rub it very gently   on the areas you want to wash or remove stains.

Then rub a cloth with cold water just to remove the soap and let it air dry.

Attention! Before proceeding with this remedy, you must make sure that the sofa fabric can be washed with Marseille soap and that it does not require specific washing.


Like the sofa, the   mattress is also washed from time to time   , but due to its size, cleaning becomes a real nightmare!

Don’t worry! The soapy cloth is fantastic precisely because it makes washing immediate without having to wet the surfaces and fabrics on which it is used too much.

Therefore, when we talk about mattresses, you will only have to   rub the fabric over the entire surface   of the mattress and especially where there are yellow or other stains.

Once you’ve soaped the mattress, wipe it with a damp microfiber cloth wrung in hot water until all soap residue is gone.

  Let the mattress air dry well and it will be perfect!

Pretreat stains

Whether on clothes, tablecloths, sheets, blankets or others, stains   leave, especially if they are stubborn, you always have to treat them first!

And it is precisely at times like this when   our soapy cloth comes in handy again   because it allows you to get rid of it efficiently and quickly.

Before rubbing it on the stain,   lightly moisten the part of the cloth that will come into contact with the stain   so that it is more delicate.

Then put it in the washing machine and the fabric will be like new!

for glasses

Marseille soap, combined with a microfiber cloth, can restore   shine even to stained glass and stained glass windows   !

Think about the times when it rains continuously and most of the time the rain is not even clean, after which you have to wash the windows immediately!

Simply use the cloth, wipe it over the windows and   rinse several times   , then dry with a clean, delicate cloth so that the dirt is just a distant memory.

a bathtub

Inside the bathroom   ,   the microfiber cloth represents an ecological and economical solution   to always have it clean   and with an intoxicating smell!

When you place the bar of soap on the cloth, you can dip the side you are going to rub in baking soda.

This will make cleaning even more efficient! Use it   on faucets, to clean shower tiles   ,   to whiten and polish ceramics   ,   for furniture   , etc.

The bathroom has never been so clean!


Bathroom and kitchen tiles  are usually the easiest to get dirty.

If you have doubts about what remedies to use when you see them especially embedded, the soapy cloth is the right solution!

Always rub it very gently on the tiles, then   rinse thoroughly with water   and dry well so that they are shiny and spotless again.


When picking up the cloth, be sure to test it in inconspicuous corners first to avoid the risk of staining.