There are always many hidden tricks to get   an impeccable wash in   the washing machine, but are you sure you know them all?

In fact, there are ancient methods that are still used today, but that not everyone knows about.

One of them is undoubtedly   the pillowcase method in the washing machine   , let’s discover together   4 good reasons to take advantage of it   in each wash!

To perfume clothes

Everyone wants   clothes with an intoxicating smell   , but not everyone knows that a pillowcase is enough to achieve it!

The method is very simple, you will have to load the basket and also put a clean pillowcase full of Marseille soap flakes between the clothes.

For a   fully loaded basket   , use   3 tablespoons of flakes   ; if half   loaded   , use   1 heaping tablespoon   . If you don’t like Marseille soap, use other bars of soap, but we always recommend those with an ecological and natural composition.

NB   Remember that the color of the pillowcase must match the color of the bedding. Do not put the pillowcase white if you are washing colors.

Whiter cloths

In addition to perfuming, a pillowcase in the washing machine can also help to have   white clothes, white as snow   !

With the trick seen above you can have excellent results in terms of whitening, but let’s see what we can do in concrete terms.

First of all, it is good to know that in the washing machine, one of the most suitable remedies for having white clothes is   baking soda   . So you can put 1.5 tablespoons of baking soda   in your pillowcase and also   1 tablespoon of soap flakes   .

The result will be amazing!

In case you wash clothes at higher temperatures (minimum 40°), you can also put 2 tablespoons of sodium percarbonate in the pillowcase and you will have a fantastic effect!

So as not to lose your socks

One of life’s biggest mysteries is why   the washing machine sucks your socks   : what is happening?

Well, most of the time the underlying distraction is playing tricks on us, but there can be many reasons. However, if we start protecting the socks and washing them according to certain criteria, they will surely not look bad combined!

One of the most effective solutions is to put the socks in a cotton bag, so you will agree with me that a   simple pillowcase will do   .

All you have to do is place the socks inside with 1 measuring cup of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of Marseille soap flakes.

Close the pillowcase with a cotton cord and that’s it!

To protect certain fabrics

In addition to socks, there are also   special fabrics that must be protected   when placed in the washing machine.

Consider, for example, when   washing smaller items   such as cloth napkins, chair covers, centerpieces or other items such as washable makeup remover pads, etc.

Instead of risking leaving them in the washing machine,   let’s put them in a   pillowcase first for added protection.

Always introduce natural and simple products such as baking soda, yellow soap or Marseille soap in moderate quantities.


To always have the perfect clothes, in addition to the suggestions given, remember that it is also very important to consult the washing instructions.