Don’t open the windows! With the broom trick the floor dries in 1 minute!

The broom trick is very effective as it dries the floor in just a minute. It is no longer necessary to open the windows.

In the winter months, cleaning the floor can be a real headache. It takes a long time to dry, which can lead to mold and musty smells.

But cleaning specialists recommend the broom trick. This means you can dry the floor quickly, even in the dead of winter, without having to open the windows. You can also use it in summer.

How does the soil dry out quickly in winter?

When washing the floors in the cold season, the first thing you think about is opening the doors and windows. It’s a quick way to get rid of moisture and create a healthy environment.

This means that the soil dries out in no time, even in cold weather. You can also leave the radiators running so that the heat dries out the floor more quickly.

Also consider these practical tips from experts:

Place a doormat next to the front door. It is an essential accessory that limits the spread of dirt while ensuring thorough cleaning of shoes before entering the house.
It is also convenient to lay carpets throughout the house. These rugs play an important role when your home is humid as they limit the spread of mold while keeping your home cleaner.

The broom trick to dry the floor quickly: use it all year round

The broom trick is especially useful on wet and cold days when the floor needs to be cleaned. To do this, you need to choose a cleaner that cleans thoroughly and, above all, is easy to remove.

In other words: experts recommend choosing a good detergent. For example, choose an organic detergent with lemon and denatured alcohol. There are also natural solutions that use white vinegar to avoid bleach or baking soda mixed with essential oils. Here are the two steps you need to follow:

First, clean the floor with a wrung-out mop to remove stubborn stains and debris.
Then dry the entire floor using a flat broom and a clean, dry cloth.
In just a few minutes you will have a clean and dry floor without having to open the windows.