Don’t throw away banana peels: place them on the plants in your home | You’ll thank me later

Typically, banana peels are thrown away after the fruit is eaten. In fact, they can be useful in different contexts.

Banana peels

In particular, they can be used to  care for the soil and plants  in your garden or vegetable patch.

Banana peels, why they are useful in the home garden

Food waste is very useful because those who care about the land,  cultivate it for use as food  or simply want to have a garden full of lush plants know this well. Recommended food waste also includes  banana peels  as they  are rich in nutrients  . These give the soil and the plants a lot of well-being. Inside them are various minerals that are good for human health as well as the health of the earth and the plants themselves. We’re talking about  calcium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus  . If you have a garden or a vegetable patch, you should use organic bananas rather than pesticides that are harmful to the plants and also to the body. When people eat fruits and vegetables treated with  pesticides  , they somehow come into contact with them, albeit in small amounts.

Banana peels are used to fertilize the soil

Using  banana peels  is very easy. There are so many uses. First you can  put them in the compost bin  . They are put in, but cut into small pieces because  they fall apart so much more easily  . Some people put them in the  blender first  and then add them to the compost.

Fertilizer preparation

They can also be used to clean plants  by rubbing the banana peels on the leaves, which immediately become brighter while retaining a lot of nutrients. They also keep away aphids, fleas and  all parasites that attack plants  . Just use the peels in small pieces. It is important that the peel is dried and then placed on a plate on the floor. Alternatively, place  the chopped banana peel in water  ; the solution should be placed in a spray bottle. At this point the mixture can  be sprayed directly onto the plants  .

How to prepare dry or liquid fertilizer

Banana peels  can also   be used as dry fertilizer . In this case, the shells are first  dried in the sun or in the oven. They are then ground and thrown into the ground for fertilization.

Natural fertilizer

You can also choose to fertilize only the part of the soil that interests you most, that is, the part where the seeds will be planted, or to fertilize the already grown plants directly around the base. To make  liquid fertilizer  , make a mixture of four dried and dehydrated banana peels  , add a spoonful of Epson salt  and then add two previously chopped eggshells to a liter of water. At this point  the solution is ready and can  be sprayed directly onto the plants if necessary. Finally, the bowls can also   be used to feed animals such as rabbits and chickens.

Which plants can benefit from bananas?

Banana peels can be of great benefit to some plants in particular, including  succulents, orchids, chili peppers, hydrangeas  and all flowering plants that are usually found on the balcony.


The above treatments must   be repeated every 15 days in summer. In winter then once a month.