Don’t throw away the orange peels, put them in a jar and add a little vinegar: they are worth gold in the house

Not everyone knows that orange peels along with vinegar can be very useful for some household tasks. Here are which ones.

peels and vinegar

In the  winter season,  which we are approaching, we usually consume   seasonal  fruits and among these, which are also present in other seasons,  are  citrus fruits  and in this case  oranges  .

These  fruits  are associated with the coldest months  due to  their importance in our  immune system  , since, due to frost and  low temperatures  , many of us tend to  get sick.

Orange peels – this is how to use them with vinegar

To prevent this from happening and strengthen our  immune system  , we are often advised to supplement our diet with  vitamin C  and this is present in large quantities in  oranges.

Oranges: this is how to use the peel with vinegar

Therefore, many of us tend to eat them as they are or make a good  squeeze  of them, which gives us a charge of energy and tends to partially alleviate all our ailments and gives us some benefits.

Although everyone removes the  skin,  it should never be thrown away, as it could be used for something that would be essential in our homes and that not everyone knows about.Ezoic

Oranges: this is how to use the peel with vinegar

Furthermore, during the  Christmas period,  in addition to the   tangerine  peels ,  the orange peels can be used to decorate our tree or to create very interesting Christmas crafts.

But what we are going to tell you now is a totally new use of these peels that only some housewives know about since another particular ingredient is added to these leftovers.

the natural solution

We are talking about  vinegar  . In fact, by recovering a jar we can break the orange peels into pieces and pour vinegar over it until the peel is completely covered by the liquid.Ezoic

Once the  vinegar has been introduced  , close the  jar tightly  and let it rest for about 15 days so that the orange peels macerate and the citrus substances are released so that all the essential oils come out.

Once this time has elapsed, filter the solution, removing the pieces of  orange peel  , and pour the liquid into a spray bottle and use it on stubbornly dirty surfaces.

We will see that, thanks to the action of the  vinegar  and the properties of the orange, many of these surfaces, including steel, will be completely clean and a very perfumed smell will be released into the air.

Oranges: this is how to use the peel with vinegar

This is because, with maceration, the skins have released all the essential oils that have acted with the vinegar and have formed a natural detergent that has degreasing and disinfectant properties  .

This method can be used not only with  oranges,  but with all other types of citrus fruits, as they have similar characteristics and therefore lemons or tangerines are also recommended.

Obviously, this depends on our taste but from now on, given that the season allows it, when we eat an orange, we can choose to experiment with this solution that will almost certainly surprise us.Ezoic

In this way, not only will we have a  natural detergent  that benefits our surfaces but we will also have saved some money in our wallet by avoiding buying commercial products for cleaning the house.