Don’t throw the banana peels! Use them this way for fantastic results!

Banana peels are a valuable resource that can be recycled in various ways. However, when we eat this fruit, we have an unfortunate tendency to throw the shell in the trash. Put an end to this waste and reuse the banana peels in this way to save a lot of Argent.

At this point, recycling waste is as important to your portfolio as it is to the planet. So don’t waste anything, instead reuse waste like banana peels. They are useful for cooking, beauty and plants.

Banana peels: reuse them like this in the kitchen!

Banana peels contain many minerals and vitamins and are edible, as is the pulp. However, if you choose to eat the mussels, choose organic fruits that contain no traces of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

To recycle banana peels in the kitchen, here are some delicious ideas you can try right away:

Making smoothies for
Prepare dried candied fruits

Banana peel: to care for the skin of the face

L’banana bark is an excellent panacea for skin care. To do this, simply rub the white inner part of the peel on the skin areas affected by black spots and acne.

It is also recommended to relieve sunburn and insect bites. Rubbing in the eyes can also reduce inflammation and fatigue.

Use it on plants to make them healthier

The banana peels contain vitamins and minerals that are very useful for plants and crops. Whether they are indoor plants or garden plants, they can grow strong, healthy and leafy. How to reuse them:

As a FREE natural fertilizer: Cut the peel into small pieces and soak in WARM’water for a few hours to allow nutrients to enter the liquid. Then stretch them and pour them into a sprayer. Spray the solution on your houseplants, plants or garden vegetables.

As fertilizer: Chop the peels and add them to the household compost. Then use it to fertilize all the plants in your home, which will be greener and healthier.