Don’t waste your money, prepare this natural mosquito repellent to drive them away immediately

Instead of relying on chemicals, the insect problem can be solved by using a natural mosquito repellent.

Summer is fast approaching and with the arrival of June the sunny days are back. Many have already taken nice trips outside the city and started to enjoy the sun and finally pleasant temperatures. However, the return of the summer season also means that you have to deal with insects again, especially indoors. In fact, summer rhymes with ants, bees and flies, but also with mosquitoes that return to infest all the rooms of the house and undoubtedly cause a great nuisance. Many choose to get rid of mosquitoes quickly by relying on some of the best products on the market.

Natural mosquito repellent is a powerhouse: no more hassle
However, the advice is always to avoid chemical solutions and instead opt for a natural mosquito repellent , which can be made in minutes and is just as effective.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare the super natural mosquito repellent and spray it on the skin to keep annoying insects away forever . The solution can also be sprayed in different rooms of the house, so you no longer have to deal with mosquitoes.

The first thing you need is an empty spray bottle, into which we pour the solution that will drive away mosquitoes from the house. We immediately add 60 ml of natural or distilled water to the bottle.

Once this is done, we add an additional 60 ml of apple cider vinegar to the bottle, an element often used to make natural mosquito repellents. The solution must also be enriched with lavender essential oil (but also lemongrass or eucalyptus): 15-20 drops are enough.


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Once the ingredients are added, cap the spray bottle tightly and shake the solution to mix well. Now all we have to do is start spraying the natural mosquito repellent to protect ourselves from mosquitoes.

We spray the solution on the skin, especially on the arms and legs, so that we can count on natural and, above all, very safe protection (also for children).

While for us the freshly prepared solution gives off a very pleasant smell, this does not apply to mosquitoes, which cannot tolerate this smell at all (especially because of the apple cider vinegar).

Also spray it on furniture and cupboards: the smell will keep mosquitoes away forever
As mentioned above, the solution that we have prepared in the spray bottle can also be sprayed in different rooms of the house, especially around doors and windows . In addition, the natural mosquito repellent is also ideal for protecting flowers and plants from mosquitoes.

Since the freshly prepared natural solution exudes an excellent scent, it can also be sprayed on furniture and cupboards and has a surprising cleaning and disinfecting effect.

The goal should be to fill the entire house with the scent of this natural insect repellent. If mosquitoes smell this smell in every corner of the house, there is a high probability that they will stay away and prefer other shores. It really only takes a few minutes to solve the problem and spend a summer without fear of mosquito infestation.