Dryer, the trick to dry clothes twice as fast

The clothes dryer is an essential appliance in winter. However, it consumes a lot. Let’s see how to save.

There’s a little-known trick to dry clothes twice as fast with a clothes dryer.

Clothes dryer: how much does it cost me

The dryer is a   very useful appliance   for drying clothes, especially in winter. In fact, during the cold season, drying clothes quickly seems like a real mirage. In many homes, especially small ones, you end up with at least one clothesline always open.

And if you have children at home, the situation could get worse since there is an increase in the number of clothes to wash and, therefore, to dry. With the energy crisis, therefore, even those who have a dryer choose to use it less and less since it is an appliance that   consumes a lot of electricity   . This can add a lot to your bill.


How to limit its use? Can’t we expect more than just the hot season to come? Fortunately, there are methods to be able to use the dryer, but saving time and money because the clothes inside dry faster, taking half the time. Let’s see what it is.

The trick to adopt

Before talking about the method to use in your dryer, remember that clothes can dry better and faster if you observe   some precautions.

The first probably refers to the use of the centrifuge. If you decide to hang your clothes at home, it is better to prefer well-ventilated and warm rooms. Damp rooms should be avoided. Drying   can also be made easier by placing the dryer   near the window, especially if the sun shines through the windows.

In addition, when you hang clothes on the clothesline, it is advisable to place them well separated from each other, to encourage the passage of air.

How to dry clothes faster with a dryer? For quick drying, the appliance should be set to a   low temperature   . However, this could be costly in terms of energy consumption. So remember to schedule short cycles, with the addition of dry towels inside the door, to absorb moisture.


Another trick is to use   balls of   100% organic yarn. They should be placed in the dryer drum when you run your regular cycle. Its function is to absorb moisture and reduce cycle times. You can save about 20% of the time. For a small charge, 3-4 bullets should be used, for a large one – 4-5.

Of course, you should   avoid overfilling the dryer   , otherwise it will be prevented from doing its job correctly. Before putting the damp cloths inside the device, another trick is to dry the clothes with a very dry double towel. Drying times will be accelerated and the risk of mold or bad odors will be contained.