Drying herbs: the method to preserve them all year round

Drying herbs: the method to preserve them all year round

Aromatic herbs have been  widely used in cooking for centuries. This is because these herbs   are durable over time thanks to the drying process .

But let’s take it step by step.

Aromatic herbs are often used to add flavor to many recipes , and for this reason many choose to grow them directly in the ground at home or outdoors. Of course , to do this in the best possible way, you must  know the characteristics of the aromatic plant you want to grow . In fact, some of them go  into vegetative dormancy during the colder seasons until the beginning of spring . This is exactly why you can  start the drying process so that you can use them at any time of the year.

On this page you will learn  how to dry your own herbs  and  which method best suits your needs .

You  can even dry your herbs  in the oven,  wood stove  , or  with electric dryers  . At the same time  , you can also choose to take the branches and hang them upside down on a wire so that they dry naturally .

If you want to find out the best and easiest way to do this, all you have to do is read below.

Essiccare le heritage aromatiche: scopri il method più facile per varle tto l’anno

Prima di iniziare bisogna sottolineare che il momento più adatto per andare ad  essiccare le proprie erbe aromatiche è quello in cui stanno per fiorire . Tuttavia also in this momento favorevole non bisogna mai esagerare ma agire con criterio.

In the beginning  you can select the fog that is bigger and the same post is higher in height . Bisogna compiere la stessa azione also per  prendere dei rametti e sistemarli a testa in giù . Per fare a lavoro  bisogna prenderli dalla parte più alta  quindi mai dalla base.

Herbs that can be processed upside down include  rosemary ,  lavender ,  thyme ,  oregano ,  and  mint . In addition  , it is necessary not to connect too many branches together because in this way the air may not circulate properly and this  could lead to the formation of mold. Such an epilogue would clearly compromise any dryness.

It is therefore necessary to place the branches in a place where there is good air circulation and, in addition, they must be  protected from the direct rays of the sun  .

During this process  , it is important to prevent dust from forming on the herbs . So you have to  cover everything with a fabric , for example muslin, that can guarantee good air passage. Don’t forget that  this process takes between 7 and 10 days . These days are used by the plant to lose all the water it contains.

Another simple technique is  drying the herbs on the shelves . This is a job that you can do in the comfort of one room in your home. To do this, you need to  take a net, which is usually used to make mosquito nets, and  make bunk beds or single trays. You have to put your herbs in these bowls so that they are dried.

You can also do this work by  drying everything in the oven at the lowest temperature  and always leaving the door a little open. This prevents stagnation from forming due to moisture.

Don’t forget  to turn the herbs from time to time so that the drying can appear even.

Once your herbs are dried,  you can place them in airtight glass containers  and then store them sealed and then put them in the cupboard.