Dust won’t return to your house for weeks thanks to hotel makeup

Thanks to a method tested in hotels, we can say goodbye to dust at home. This is what it is.

We spend a lot of time in our   homes   and sometimes we are not able to do   household chores   due to lack of time and therefore dirt and debris accumulate on the surfaces.

These can be formed both by external factors and therefore by   volatile particles   that can be transported to our home and enter through windows or other ways, as well as by internal factors.

Dust: how to remove it with the hotel method

They are nothing more than remains   of food   or   hair   that spontaneously comes off from our body or   animal hair that   often   tends to change its coat.

If we have   children   at home, it is very important to disinfect surfaces because children, especially babies, will tend to crawl and therefore spend a lot of time on the floor.

This surface could trap   dust   that could cause allergic reactions and dirt that could get into the   escape routes   , that is, in the lines between one tile and another.

Dust: how to beat it with the hotel method

There are many products on the market that remove this stubborn dirt, but most of the time they are ineffective, especially if all the debris has not been swept away for a long time.

Thus we will find the   floors   full of dust, as well as our surfaces, therefore the furniture and much more and it is good to dust it at least once a week to avoid the accumulation of this substance that can be harmful.

Although some use an antistatic to prevent the formation of this   dust,   not everyone knows that there is a secret used in the most famous hotels that prevents the formation of these grains.

The special ingredient

The secret is in the   glycerin.  This substance must be diluted in a container with   water   by pouring a few drops, then soak a microfiber cloth and wipe it over the furniture.

Also in the case of the floor, you can choose this option by adding   a few drops of glycerin   with the     surface detergent into the bucket and cleaning everything with a cloth and a mallet.

We will see how our floor, in addition to being shiny, will not accumulate  dust residue   and we will be able to avoid allergy problems due to mites that are always very present in our homes.

Dust: how to beat it with the hotel method

This method has been passed down from generation to generation by our grandmothers and is essential to ensuring that our homes always have good cleaning without forming dust   .

There are also   other   homemade methods to prevent this from settling, but glycerin is excellent and functional due to the characteristic of working as a preservative in aqueous solutions.

In this way, in contact with water it forms a kind of   patina   that prevents dust and other residue from depositing and we can be serene and continue cleaning our home as we see fit.