Easily grow onions in the spring in your garden

Do you like to add onions to most of your recipes? What if you could have an endless supply whenever you wanted? With this tip, grow onions that are bright green and have a unique flavor. Indeed, many households enjoy onions in the spring for these two characteristics, but very few know that they can grow them at home. Here we walk you through how to produce your onions easily, whether you have experience or not from the scraps produced in the kitchen.

How to have onions in the spring?
If you want to produce onions at home, you don’t need to get seeds from the store. Simply cut off the top of a spring onion. Take care to leave about two centimeters between the roots and the white area.

As for the substrate, you don’t need to invest in buying pots and potting soil. You can use a glass or a container in which you will put water. Then, place your bowl on a windowsill with good sun exposure.

Dip the roots of your onion into the water. Make sure they are immersed, as this is the only way the onion will start growing. But be careful, it is important that the top of the onion is not submerged. It must be above the water level. All that remains is to wait for the growth to begin.

Normally, it takes only a few days for the next pods to start coming out. You need to make sure your crop gets enough heat and sun.

For best results, change the water every few days so that bacteria do not develop and the water stays clean and fresh.

Once your onions are about an inch long, you can start using them in the kitchen. Cut off the pods you need and let the rest continue growing.

Plant as many onions as you want. The key is to make sure that the roots are still present and that there are enough white parts left for the vegetable to grow back. Be aware that even parts that are wilted can grow. So this tip is perfect for recycling kitchen scraps.

How do I store harvested onions?
Once you have harvested new onions, you need to store them well so that they can stay fresh for a long time. You need to understand that young onions hold more moisture than adults. If they are left at room temperature too long, they may deteriorate. It is therefore preferable to put them in the refrigerator’s crisper and wrap them in a plastic bag. This way, you will be able to avoid the development of mould and keep your onions suitable for consumption for about two weeks.

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