Easy instructions: Make a super effective fly trap out of a plastic bottle!

With the summer season the flies return. Instead of using insecticides that are harmful to health and the environment, try this fly trap made from a plastic bottle! This homemade trap is simple, effective and inexpensive. It is a natural way to get rid of flies. This is very easy by following a few simple steps.

What do you need?

An empty plastic bottle

some water


A drop or two of liquid or dish soap

How is it prepared?

Cut off the bottle cap with a knife. Even if the cut isn’t completely straight, it doesn’t matter.

Then turn the top part of the bottle over and place it on the bottom, creating a kind of funnel. You can stick it with glue or tape.

Next, pour a small amount of water into the bottom of the container.

Add some scented bait to attract flies and some dish soap.

The result?

In just 3 steps you have built a fly trap to put an end to the fly invasion. It is much more effective than a professional fly trap. You can use it both indoors and outdoors and this homemade trap will only cost you pennies! Finally the flies leave you alone so you can enjoy your lunch in peace on the terrace!

Which bait to choose to attract flies?

Flies love sweet smells. So if you choose sweet and aromatic baits, you will attract flies more easily. You can use things you have in the kitchen cupboard for this. First, you can make sugar water, syrup, or honey water. Water made from slightly rotten fruit can also work, especially if you choose bananas and strawberries. You can also use a piece of raw or chopped meat. You must allow the bait to macerate in order for it to work properly.

Then place it in strategic locations around the house and outside. In no time you’ll be catching flies flying around your house and yard. You will be relieved to no longer hear the famous buzzing of flies.