Eggshells, never throw them away: they are worth their weight in gold used in the house and garden

Here’s what eggshells could be used for, those food scraps that we all throw away, and which turn out to be miraculous on the contrary.

Using Eggshells
Eggshells are considered leftovers by most people, yet they are very useful around the house and garden. Let’s find out together how to use them. They must first be disinfected, then they can be an ally in household chores.

What to do with eggshells?
Everyone should eat a few eggs at least once a week. It is a truly complete food, rich in protein and other nutrients that boost our energy.

Some like them fried, others hard, others even blanched. However you like them, whether before or after cooking, removing the shells is essential. The shells should not be ingested by the hands, they are not edible and are, among other things, dangerous to health.

The shells are the outer part of this food and come into contact with the private parts of the animals and often receive their waste. That is why at least once in your life you have come across eggs that were not quite clean.

Recycling Eggshells
To prevent eggshells from threatening our health, just soak them in boiled water and wait for a few minutes. All bacteria will be eliminated. It is then absolutely recommended not to throw them away, but to use them in the garden. Indeed, this waste can be incredible allies during our household chores.

Eggshells: indispensable in the garden
Not everyone knows it, but eggshells are a real natural fertilizer. Specialists use them to make the earth healthy and nourishing. By using them, they have also observed an exponential growth of plants.

The use of these remains is recommended both for those who want to see their gardens bloom with ornamental plants and for those who grow vegetable plants. You can use these shells whether you have a large garden or only a terrace, balcony or window.

Just break the shells into several parts and create a mixture with the soil you usually use for your seedlings. Remember that after consuming the eggs you will need to boil the shells to disinfect them.

After leaving them to cool, you will need to dry them carefully, because only then will they mix perfectly with the earth. You can now add the mixture to your favorite plants, perhaps the most difficult to grow.

Know that the shells in question will only enrich the soil with nutrients, a real fertilization. Don’t forget to repeat the operation several times a year, or even a month, depending on the needs of your plants.

Over time, in fact, you should get to know them and understand when they ask you for help because the water is no longer enough for them. Thus, they will be healthy and flourishing.

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