Encrusted oven: The trick with the dishwasher tabs to clean it

Encrusted oven: The trick with the dishwasher tablets for cleaning is very effective  . One of the most tiring household chores is cleaning the oven. In fact, the different inserts can prevent your device from functioning properly   . Fortunately, you no longer have to expend as much energy cleaning a crusty oven. Focus.

Encrusted oven: The trick with the dishwasher tabs to clean it

Classic detergents containing chemicals are no longer very popular these days. In fact, they are not good for the environment due to their corrosive effects. It can also cause damage to your  oven  . Why not try this more effective method?

It’s all about using these famous dishwasher tabs that have powerful cleaning power  . You can use it to  remove stubborn dirt from pots and cutlery, but also remove heavy dirt from the oven.

All  you need is a  dishwashing tablet  , latex gloves and water.  Great care must always be taken to protect your hands.

What’s next?

  • Pour lukewarm water  into a bowl
  • Add a dishwasher tablet
  • Once it has spent a few minutes in the water, it must  be removed
  • Use it to remove crusts in the oven  , similar to using a sponge
  • You should see the dirt gradually come off
  • Then use a kitchen sponge or a piece of sponge moistened with lukewarm water to complete the cleaning
  • Be sure to pay attention to the height of the zones where most pollution occurs